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I already know what you’re all thinking. You’re asking yourselves whether this article is going to cover the best places in the world to tie the knots, or whether we’re going to list the best venues to surround yourselves with your loved ones. Don’t you worry, we *will* cover both topics throughout the upcoming months, but this week: it’s all about the destination.

As you might remember from a previous piece we wrote a few weeks back, the months between December and February are statistically known as the most popular times for people to get engaged. But what about the most popular time to get married? Newsflash is that people are getting married anytime during the year, because it all depends on the location people choose.

Which is what brings us to the topic of making your wedding more of a *destination* wedding, rather than a local one. We love both options here at TWC. There’s nothing more romantic than being able to walk down the aisle where your mother, grand-mother and older generations also walked but we also think that make your wedding as much of a holiday for everyone can seriously be a great idea.

Good news is that a destination wedding can fit any range of budgets, and they don’t all have to become a Hollywood *cliché*. We really cherish diversity and individualism here at TWC, which is why we’ve asked people around the office for what their dream destination wedding would be and categorised them into different themes that best represented their taste.

For the beach loving newlyweds

Let’s start with the most obvious dream wedding: the romantic (and warm) beach wedding! The colleague that picked that one is a definite beach babe and is literally dreaming of saying “I do” completely barefoot, in a stunning white suit with his gorgeous significant other. You’ve guessed it, he is literally the most romantic guy I have ever met, and luckily for us in the office, he is also an amazing friend!

When it comes to destinations however, his first and most desired location is no other than the gorgeous beaches of the Baja California coast in Mexico. He even knows which resort he would go for after reading this article on The Guardian and it is called “The Resort of Pedregal” which is a 5 star hotel on the beach. “I would make my wedding more of a holiday, and treat my closest family to a few days at the resort. The place is literally on the beach, the ceremony takes places on a secluded beach surrounded by cliffs and it has a stunning open-air restaurant,” he explained further. Best part of a beach wedding is that men can wear anything pastel or light coloured, and women can get in the beach mode with short sleeves!

For the thrill loving newlyweds

I actually never thought about adding a bit more fun to my wedding day but one of our colleagues is actually the ultimate thrill seeker, and her dream wedding was one I had never imagined! Don’t worry, she has already done the whole bungee jump and climbing up Mount Everest shenanigans so that’s out of the picture. What she is picturing however is to get wedded underwater… in Bora Bora! Romantic, right?

“I just think there would be nothing more special than an underwater wedding. Can you imagine the thrill you would experience on top of the excitement of getting married? And don’t let me get started on the pictures we would get…” she explains. I literally had to actually Google whether or not that would be possible and surprisingly, it is! Fact is that you can actually seal the deal in a very unique aquatic style and a lot of Polynesian hotels and resorts will perform some of the best underwater ceremonies. The bigger struggle is however what to wear during the actual ceremony, so it’s time to up your bikini game!

For the city loving newlyweds

Don’t worry Parisians, Londoners and Berliners, we haven’t forgotten about you! And the colleague in question that is completely set on having the perfect wedding city is actually from no other than the Big Apple! New York city is bound to be a magical spot for your wedding, no matter the venue you pick. But our lovely coworker knows exactly where she wants to have it, and it’s on the rooftop of her grandparent’s house! Adorable, right?

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve always enjoyed looking over the Manhattan skyline with my grand dad with either a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and i would love to be able to tie the knots on that exact same spot!” she explains. Remember that New York is a very big city, filled with different beautiful locations that can fit everyone’s budgets as the views and atmosphere can totally be enjoyed all year long. The best news is that flights are now on the low-end of the flight costs.

For all the best men and women

Are you not looking for a wedding outfit at all, but are invited to one this year? Look no further, here are some of the best wedding guest outfits out here:

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