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We’re in total travel mood here at TWC, but we’re also massive foodies which is why we wanted to take a look at international food from around the world, and where each traditional dish comes from.

Some people might be aware that Thailand’s chilies actually come from South America, and same goes from the best tomatoes in Italy, but with today’s globalisation of food supply, it can get difficult to know what really comes from which part of the world.

Food is now literally readily available at the press of a button. It isn’t hard to eat Mexican or Chinese food in London, but a lot of the items we enjoy on a daily basis may not have always been easy to come by a few years ago. In a new study, researchers at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture mapped the origins of crops around the world to help people understand where their favourite vegetables and fruits come from, and to show the public far their products have journeyed from their primary regions.

Believe it or not, nearly 70% of food supplies stem from foreign origins. In North America for example, most of the products shipped from there are; berries, grapes, pumpkins, strawberries and sunflowers, but the country that produces most corn, beans, sweet potatoes and chillies are all native to Central America.

But enough about crops, we wanted to take a look at the most famous national dishes from around the world, from popular Jamaican ackee and saltfish, to the popular Austrian Wiener schnitzel.

Bulgogi – Korea

Beef bulgogi is a delicious dish of thinly sliced cuts of meat marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, onions, ginger, sugar and wine, which is all grilled and then wrapped in lettuce of spinach leaves. The meat is usually served on vegetable pickles and the entire dish is absolutely fabulous. Barbecues are a very famous way to cook dinner in Korea and a lot of restaurants have miniature barbecues embedded in tables where people can cook their meats themselves!

Bulgogi meat

Ackee and Saltfish – Jamaica

Despite ackee being linked with the history of slavery, Jamaicans have reclaimed it as part of their national dish. Ackee, also known as achee or ackee apple, is a fruit from the same family as the lychee and the longan, and it is a tropical West African fruit. The Jamaicans sauté the boiled ackee with salt-fish, onions and tomatoes and sometimes serve it on top of a deep-fried cake with fried plantains. Jamaica is on top our list of places we would love to visit and we can’t wait to try their national dish, is it on yours?

Ackee and Saltfish

Wiener schnitzel – Austria 

This simple, yet popular and delicious dish is one of our favourites here at TWC. Wiener schnitzel is a veal cutlet which is breaded and lightly fried. Despite the dish’s Italian origins, this is a national dish in Austria. Austrians usually eat their Schnitzel garnished with parsley and lemon slices, with potatoes and salad on the side. Vienna’s Café Landtmann, a city institution since 1873, serves up an authentic version of the dish, as well as a dose of history and glamour: Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich, and Paul McCartney have been among its famous patrons. Talk about comfort food with a touch of glam!

Wiener schnitzel

Stew- Ireland

And finally, we wanted to look at a dish that was a bit closer to home: the Irish stew. This dish was originally a thick broth or slow-boiled mutton with onions and potatoes, but has since been modernised by incorporating other vegetables such as carrots. This dish is definitely a staple of Irish pubs worldwide and Dublin is one of the most popular places to enjoy the traditional stew. If you are ever in Ireland and are looking for a pick-me-up, you’ll know what to order now.

Irish stew

In the mood to take a food-inspired trip?

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