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Most brands work very hard to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors, and a lot of that relies on having a solid branding. But this week, we looked at how the concept of branding came about and when slogans, logos, and taglines became a thing.

The concept of branding started as early as hundreds of years ago by farmers who marked their cattle to avoid theft, but as time went on, the first type of brands that starting this idea of logos to differentiate one product from another were distillers who used different symbols to represent their wines. This led to brands using certain symbols to help customers identify the different quality of products, most used in the food industry. But as branding and creating logos became a sign of notoriety, certain luxury brands used logos to charge more than less known brands, therefore becoming leaders in their fields.

So why is finding the perfect slogan or logo for your brand so important nowadays? You could argue that slogans are the most vital part of building your business. They help create advertisements, promote your business by engaging with customers and overall help differentiation. Take Coca-Cola, for example, known for using slogans that reflect the time and years it is set in. In 1906 the slogan “The Great National Temperance Beverage” reflected a time the American society was veering away from alcoholic beverages, and Coca-Cola was, therefore, giving customers a great alternative drink.

Coming up with catchy and fun slogans or taglines can be very difficult. Be careful, however, slogans and taglines are two very different things. Slogans change according to specific campaigns used to advertise a specific aspect of a product or service, while a tagline needs to be consistent for the company and clearly reflect the company’s culture. There are, according to Forbes, a few rules for creating a good slogan; they need to be short, emotional, create a solution, and integrate the brand’s logo.

Let’s look at the best slogan and taglines throughout history. If I tell you “I’m lovin’ it” what comes to mind? The McDonald strapline is one of the most effective and popular advertising taglines of all times. It ties with the companies values and sticks in people’s minds. Another one we find smart, is Subway’s “Eat Fresh” tagline because, as we all know, fast food is notoriously bad for you but by using the word fresh within their tagline, it makes the fast-food chain seem healthier, not to mention its perfect coupling with their green branding and logo: smart move Subway!

But remember taglines and slogans can also represent political campaigns, such as “Make America Great Again” supported by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. These type of slogans, similarly to branding slogans, help people identify a specific aim or movement. These can be crucial to capture a mood or state of a country, but also to identify the quality of a candidate.

We would love to know: what’s the catchiest slogan you’ve ever heard and how do you feel about its importance for the brand? Let us know in the comments below!



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