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Tarot card reading, or fortune-telling, has always been a topic of conversation to stir arguments and disagreements. Many believe that it’s completely and utterly imagined, and would give many reasons as to why science proves the inability for anyone to predict the future, but how come we still believe in it and pay money to make it happen? People spend their savings to see a psychic and some even buy monthly subscriptions to astrology magazines, so where does this phenomenon come from and… is it a scam?

Why do we like being told the future?

The reason why a lot of us like having somewhat of an idea of what our future could look like is deeply rooted in our ancestry. The ancient Greeks consulted Gods, Native Indians danced around a fire to change the weather and Kings kissed their rings to restore order. But in today’s world, the most obvious reason is the mix of curiosity and fear. This never-ending exploration for answers is found in many shapes such as religions, cultures, traditions and imagined reality (especially when growing up or getting old). What will my son accomplish as a grown up? Will I find love before my 30s? When will I truly succeed in achieving my goals? Will I have a healthy life? Is the monster under my bed asleep? These are just questions we all ask ourselves, at all stages of our lives, but most importantly when hitting major phases such as; teenhood, the mid 30s crisis, pregnancies and the mid-life crisis. So why do we think asking someone for our future can help us?

A woman was asked that same question in an article in Vogue, and she responded that “You want to hear things that are out of your control,” she said. “Your friend can’t really tell you what a guy is thinking about when he breaks up with you or what’s going to happen at work, but a psychic can.”

Fortune tellers bring peace and serenity

I can’t exactly tell you for sure that a psychic could tell you what is going to happen and how, but I believe they can reassure a person, or even guide them towards making better decisions. Just think about it like this – imagine you’re about to change jobs and want to make sure you made the right decision. Of course, no one can tell you for sure where you will be in 10 years and whether if you had stayed, it would have been better. But just by being told that in a year or two, you will be successful and happy, will strengthen your confidence in your new job as well as increase your ambition to reach that prediction. Astrologist Rebecca Gordon claims that most of her clients are people that gamble a lot with their money and need reassurance that they will be alright. 

So I couldn’t tell you, right here right now if any of these forms of clairvoyance are real or not, but I can 100% suggest that it can help you with your life goals and decisions. Not forgetting difficult moments in your life, whether related to your health, money, or mental conditions such as depression. Many find comfort in calling up someone that can read your stars, or tell you what they see in their cards. Just like in religions or traditions, belief has and always will be one of the strongest ways to heal.

Who has the skills to be a fortune teller?

I guess this is where things become important because although I do believe in psychics, there’s a fine line between scams and real, educated star readers. There are different types of people that claim to have the ability to tell the future. The most accepted form of mediums in our society are astrologists. Astrology is a study of movements and positions of celestial objects as a means for information about human affairs and events.

There are also psychics that use different abilities such as being clairsensitive which enables the person to sense different energies around them and communicate with those energies, telepathy which gives the person the ability to read the mind without talking, and psychometry which enables the medium to feel energies from a specific object. If you’re new to this, make sure to check out this list of the best psychics in the UK so as to avoid getting scammed by so-called fortune tellers.

Where does the tradition come from?

The history of fortune telling is older than books but the first written proof of people with special abilities goes back to gypsies. Some historians have stated they were Indian, and others Egyptians, that lived in Romania and were mostly outcasted by other tribes. The actual history is very vague and there is a clear relationship between mediums and witches during the middle ages. Archeologists have found multiple artefacts over the years which could have been used for fortune telling such as shrines and animal remains. 

Different ways you can believe in fortune telling

There are many ways to go about being told your future, some are free, but most require a service, and therefore a payment. The most obvious and popular way of reading all of your predictions are horoscopes, but you can also go see palm readers, card readers, psychics, tea leaf readers, mediums, fortune tellers…

I for one, like to believe that I’m somewhat knowledgeable about the topic because a close member of my family is a keen believer in fortune telling. Let’s just say she/he has been calling the same person for over 20 years now. They discuss life, relationships, projects and all of these conversations prompt that person serenity and strength. I would like to think that people do have that special ability or skill to guide people to become the best they can be and I would never judge anyone who believes in it. I think certain people need this imagined reality and most can be found in fortune telling, science or religion. But, careful! I don’t think the three are the same at all, but they’re all ways to reassure ourselves of the unknown (and most likely help us sleep at night). 


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