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We live in sad times ladies and gents, because people just don’t buy magazines anymore! We literally live online, and although we’re also super guilty to be following that trend, we do still love buying glossy cover magazines especially when we’re on the move to airports, train stations or even to keep us busy during our taxi routes home.

So since we’re big believers in the importance of keeping magazines in our lives, we thought this could be the perfect opportunity to share our top 4 reads that include: a lot of amazing fashion, great articles, beautiful photography… and much more! Sure, we already carry a lot of information in our pockets, with our revolutionary phones at our fingertips, but magazines give you an experience no other phones or computers can offer. They are what you pick up when you want to truly dive into a new topic, read about people’s lives or even just wind down after a long day of staring at screens at work, not to mention how good they look on a coffee table. And can I just say that getting someone a subscription to their favourite magazines is a great present idea? Christmas is only a few months away now guys!

Let’s start with the most popular magazine (in my opinion) of them all: National Geographic. Although the magazine also lives online, there’s no comparison to seeing their incredible photos on a printed and glossy piece of paper. National Geographic is much more than just a magazine, it has become a community of adventurers sharing experiences around science, traveling, history and wildlife. You could say that opening one of their magazine is a bit like taking a trip abroad and discovering all the secrets and beauty of the outside world… Beats playing on your phone anytime doesn’t it?

Now moving on to Vanity Fair, our go-to magazine for great journalism and super interesting articles. The first version of the magazine was published from 1913 to 1936, and was then revived in 1983. The current editor in chief of the Condé Nast owned magazine is Radhika Jones, who used to work at The Time and The New York Times. The magazine is mostly known for its controversial (and sublime) magazine cover photoshoots as well as incredible interviews and articles. Some of the photos from Vanity Fair have attracted a lot of criticism, such as the April 1999 issue which featured a photo of Mike Myers dressed as a Hindy deity. All in all, this magazine is (almost) a better pick than a book when on holiday: it’s a great read with never heard before facts and gorgeous photography of our favorite celebs, what else could you ask for?

Want to get super cultured and up to date with the world’s latest political news? Then get yourself The New Yorker monthly subscriptions and you’ll be more than set.The New Yorker debuted on February 21st, 1925 by Harold Ross and his wife who were both journalists, and has become one of the most popular magazines in the world. Our favorite part? The comics (duh) but it’s also a great magazine to read over the week to impress your friends with educated facts at a dinner party and to open a conversation on the latest short story. Although a lot of the magazine’s events are based around NYC, its audience is very international. In the mood to feel like a New Yorker for a short while? Who wouldn’t!

And finally, men’s number 1 fashion magazine: GQ! Formerly known as the Gentleman’s Quarter, the monthly magazine was first founded in 1931. The publication focuses on fashion, culture, food, movies, fitness, sex, music and basically everything a man needs in their life. GQ first introduced the “Man of the Year Awards” feature in 1996, where they honour men and women who have impacted our culture through entertainment, fashion or sport. Similarly to Vanity Fair, the publication has had some controversial comments especially in 2010 when the magazine produced a photoshoot with the crew from TV show Glee, in which the 3 lead actresses were criticised as being too “sexualized”.

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