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What’s on your top list of Summer essentials this Summer? Well, let me tell you my newest addition: my white, vintage Adidas sneakers.

I was never really a footwear fan, although I do love wearing sandals during the Summer, my mom says I have perfect feet for open shoes and I tend to agree with her. But sneakers were never something I was super interested in. This was true however, until I met my first pair of white sneakers. They go with both my favourite The Kooples floral dress and my go-to pair of denim shorts for the beach, so who can blame me?

Sure, your shoe collection might already be filled with your favourite trainers, but if you don’t have a pair of white kicks, I’m afraid you’ll need to scroll down and purchase your first pair! This simple monochromatic white sneaker is ultimately the most versatile and timeless piece you could own right now, so even if you don’t get to wear them a lot this year, they’ll still be trending next year, we promise!

While we agree that white sneakers might not be the most appropriate footwear for your best friend’s wedding, or for a muddy game of ball, they can almost be worn for every occasion. Hell, I wore them both at Easter at my boyfriend’s home and at my niece’s 4th birthday party! Talk about versatility!

Afraid you’ll need to clean them everyday? That’s just a rumour! As long as you spray them every now and again to protect them from the rain and dirt, they will be just fine. And you won’t want them to stay super white anyways, we like that worn out look. Find below my tailored outfits to rock your new pair of sneakers, and impress your friends this Summer.

Look 1: Casual With a Twist

This look is mainly if you’re out with friends or heading to a romantic date in the city. The dress will make the outfit in this case, but your shows will definately help your look seem casual and yet trendy. Anything dark or colourful will bring a nice contrast with the white from your sneakers, and the leather jacket is the ultimate match to your white sneakers.

Look 2: Festival Season

As you already know, we’re very much looking forward to festival season here at TWC but there’s no heading to one without the perfect outfit to spice up your instagram, agreed? So make sure you wear white sneakers which you can throw in the wash if it gets muddy, but still match perfectly with your leather shorts and lace top.

Look 3: Picnic anyone?

Who else loves organising picnics during the summer? We certainly do because it’s the best opportunity to dress a bit more feminine than usual and pop that Rose bottle open before midday! Did we also mention it’s the most romantic date idea ever?

Look 4: Boozy Brunch

London is known for its amazing brunch spots, but what’s the fun in that if you can’t dress up for the occasion? We recommend wearing something comfortable enough to treat yourself to a nice burger, and colourful for a nice contrast with your white sneakers. The trick here is to wear a pair of sneakers with a bit of a platform if you’ve decided to go for the maxi dress look.

Look 5: Friday Work Lunch

If you work in a relaxed environment like us, then there’s no harm in wearing your sneakers to work with a nice pant suit outfit. Just make sure your trousers come just above the ankle for that casual look. In order for your sneakers to not seem too casual however, in case a client comes by the office, try and stick to uniform colours such as browns, pinks or black and consider sticking to leather sneakers, as canvas ones can seem a tad too laid-back.

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