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London is a mad city, dating is hard, making friends outside of work is hard, so what is the secret to work life balance? Here are some tips from our fellow readers.

It’s slightly easier if you’re able to work from home or have a super flexible work schedule to balance out your social life but unfortunately for most of us, work easily gets in the way. Whether it’s because of stress, important morning meetings or lack of sleep, it can get pretty difficult to prioritise anything but work when things get busy. 

So how hard can it be to enjoy your free time, make efforts to see your friends and spend quality hours with your family? 

The first thing you need to remember is that it’s ok to not be a super hero. You’ll never be able to please everyone so you need to make sure you also think what your needs and what you want to do. Not in the mood to meet Sophie after a horrendous day at work? That’s fine, but make sure you make plans to reschedule.

It’s also important that you are clear with your priorities, and plan your days accordingly. London is a massive and busy city so it’s no surprises that some things such as having tea with your grandma or treating your partner to a nice meal can be pushed aside, but if that’s what’s important to you, than it shouldn’t be happening.

One way to fix that is to make a list of your priorities if you feel like things are getting a bit out of hand, that way you’ll be able to keep track of your daily schedules as well as make time for people that most deserve it.

One important tip one of my bosses gave me a while back, was to make sure you know your strengths, and your likes and dislikes. For example, if an 8am meeting on a Monday is going to ruin your romantic dinner on Sunday night with your special someone, try and reschedule it or make sure your team understands how important your life at home is for your. Sure, you won’t want to seem like you are changing your work schedule to fit in a few glasses of wine with the girls, but any work environment will understand the need for a decent balance between the two.

Another very important factor is to remember to save time everyday for some “me time”. Take the time to relax by yourself. This will not only allow you to wind down, but also feel much more sociable when needed. 

You should also remember to disconnect from your work phone and emails. Although we love how dedicated people can be to their jobs, there’s a limit as to how much of your time goes into your job. 

All in all, although there are days when your job seems like it takes over your life, you should always try and remind yourself how important your health and well being is as well. If work is stressing you out and stopping you from going on dates or meeting new people, your work will not be as efficient and good, so what’s the point in that ?

We would love to know what you do to remind yourself about the importance of work-life balance in the comments! 

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