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Our scariest horoscope forecast of last month was the arrival of Mercury going retrograde from March 5th until the 28th. The planet of intellect and communication retrograde motion did all it has predicted: chaos and turmoil. But now that we’re out of it, let’s take a deep breath of fresh air and a fresh mindset. We celebrated the British version of Mother’s Day last Sunday and started Monday off with a new month. Fortunately for us, no April Fool’s crossed our way on the 1st, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s coming our way in the next weeks.

Expect a total of three planets to take a backwards turn – we’re looking at Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, as well as a new moon on the 5th offering new beginnings. There will be a second full moon on the 19th and plenty of room to let your spirits run free and show a different side of yourself. Spring has sprung after all!

But before we divulge any more predictions, keep scrolling to find out what April has in store for you, the surprises you might encounter, and more!


March 21st – April 19th

Happy birthday month dear Aries! While some of you have been celebrating for a few weeks now, we’re entering a new month with new beginnings. First up, the new moon on April 5th is the perfect chance to shine through with your creativity and intellect. Next, while Mercury is no longer retrograde, Jupiter is just starting out and will make you open up some unwanted discussions, so stay put. Expect another full moon on the 19th – it will also be a great opportunity to come clean with anything that’s been on your mind and speak up about what’s been bothering you. Communication is key, or so they say!


April 20th – May 20th

If you feel like Mercury being retrograde threw you off course, then don’t expect for things to slow down just yet. The new moon on the 5th will have you looking with your eyes in the front and the back as you tune down who to keep in your close and trusted circle of friends, and who to bid goodbye to. Finance wise, Jupiter going retrograde on the 10th will force you to sharpen up your skills in that department and the full moon on the 19th will make you feel as though nothing is going completely your way – look for a helping hand.


May 21st – June 20th

April is well underway and there’s plenty of things to keep you busy this month, dear Gemini. You’re thinking outside your comfort zone and finally hitting RSVP to some networking events which might bring your career further. Also on radar: new projects and passions – discover what truly makes you happy and follow that, one step at a time. Expect the full moon on the 19th to hit you with some news and embrace whatever’s coming your way.


June 21st – July 22nd

You know what they say: work hard, play hard. Though spring has sprung, that doesn’t mean you’re already on vacation. Before you set your mind to “do not disturb”, make sure you get some work done to fully enjoy your time off. Whether it’s that project at work or a deadline you can’t miss, don’t be afraid to ask for some help. If that project falls around the 10th, make sure you don’t get too overwhelmed as Jupiter goes retrograde and might send you an unwanted push.


July 23rd – August 22nd

Ever heard of the new term for honeymoon, but for solo travellers? That’s right, it’s time to take some days off and what better way to do that than by yourself? You deserve it, and it’ll be a great time to reconnect with yourself and set some new goals for the months to come. In the romance department, Jupiter might have some ideas brewing around the 10th, and until then keep your mind and eyes open – try a new restaurant, a new workout class or even just a new bedtime routine!


August 23rd – September 22nd

While most of your other peers are focused on Jupiter going retrograde, we’ve got other plans for you dear Virgo. Good news in the finance department: expect to receive a raise of some kind, whether it’s a promotion at work, a prize or a check, it’s a great time to plan ahead and set some long-term goals. The new moon on April 5th calls for some spring cleaning – out with the old, in with the new, and we’re not referring to your wardrobe, but to your personal and professional relationships. And lastly, the full moon on the 19th will break some more news regarding money.


September 23rd – October 22nd

Valentine’s Day may be well overdue, but that doesn’t mean things are slowing down in your romance department. We’re looking at some newfound love, whether it’s just a flirt or something more serious, don’t shy away and use the new moon to send you an extra push. April will also be a decisive month for you, ending with the full moon on the 19th which will give you the perfect opportunity to close a chapter, whether a relationship or a contract and start something new. Look out for Jupiter going retrograde, and don’t let any tell-tale signs influence you to go one way or the other.


October 23rd – November 21st

Are you currently in the process of moving homes or thinking of redecorating? All signs lead to a much-needed spring cleaning. While you’re at it, take some time for yourself and do some digging in that department too. Maybe your job doesn’t satisfy you as much as it used to? Maybe that workout class you’ve been attending for over a year doesn’t get you the results you expect? Tilt your priorities and set some new goals, you’ll be relieved in the long run. Just look out for the full moon on the 19th and don’t let anyone influence your choices – you’re prone to hesitating, but now’s not the time.


November 22nd – December 21st

Whether you’ve discovered a newfound love and appreciation for yourself, or you’re ready to go the next step with your crush, the beginning of the month including the new moon will enable these actions to come into place. Jupiter going retrograde might be a warning to your peers, but to you it comes as high alert – it might hit you the worst so you’ll have to make an extra effort when communicating with people to make sure your wishes and demands are clear. But don’t worry, by the time summer ends you’ll notice that your efforts were well worth it.


December 22nd – January 19th

It’s all in the sun and planets for you this month, dear Cap! You’ve got the sun in Aries making you aware of what’s been happening in your private life and asking you to readjust a few things, and then there’s Saturn and Pluto who have been roaming in your zodiac for quite some time now. You’ve learned a lot over the years, and the new moon on the 5th will be the perfect time to settle down with your new intentions. However if you don’t seem immediate results, don’t feel down. This might be due to Jupiter going retrograde and making you feel some sense of defeat so keep your head high.


January 20th – February 18th

This month is yours dear Aquarius – from busy times at work to an upcoming Easter break, you’ve got your hands full. The next few weeks will have you thinking about creating new projects, being more vocal about your intentions, be clear about your priorities and generally getting you more stimulated than ever. The only thing that will keep you on your toes is Jupiter going retrograde and you might feel a sting in the friendship department. Other than that, you’ve got the full moon on the 19th coming your way of you and your plans, so keep a sharp brain!



February 19th – March 20th

Some ups and some downs, but for the most part ups. April is set to lift up your spirits by giving you some good news regarding your finances – turns out hard work pays off. Expect a bump on the road around the 10th when Jupiter goes retrograde doesn’t want you to enjoy to enjoy all the good stuff to yourself. Also in the ups, Venus will be in your zodiac for the first half of the month which means that if you need some help charming your way, expect this to give you a little push. Other than that, it will be a slow moving month, with plenty of stuff to keep you busy so make sure to refuel!

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