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The right kind of bag has this unique power to instantly elevate your outfit – whether it’s a thought through look that’s been archived on your Instagram or a relaxed errand-run type of look. If you, like many of us are on the hunt for the most practical, versatile, fashion-forward, yet affordable bag, then you’ve come to the right place.

Before you proceed reading and getting inspired to shop our story, I’ve got to warn you that this story comes with a caveat. While we usually follow the under £300 spending avenue, we made an exception this one time to increase our limit to £500. Though we’re usually trying to stay on a budget and are suckers for a good bargain or sale piece, it was necessary for both the sake of the current season and the trends sparking up this Fall/Winter, to up our selection. The upside is that we limited it to just 12 bags, making the decision-making process just a tad less painful.

Starting with the pieces that not only look good but are also great to wear on a day-to-day basis, we’ve got a reinvented version of a working girl shopper tote – expect semi-short handles with enough space to insert a date night pouch. We found an almost identical copy cat to the much-coveted double-knot shoulder bag by The Row, at a fraction of the price from one of our fellow Swedish favorites. Following that, but remaining in night time territory, we’re entering all things tassels, sparkles and feathers. Ladies, meet the drawstring pouches of your dreams – think vintage-inspired pieces you could find in a high-end second hand shop or in your great aunt’s accessory closet. We’re loving this one by Italian duo The Attico, leaving enough space for the feather detail to stand out, while remaining low-key in a passe-partout black tone.

Akin to the vintage look of the satin pouches, we’ll definitely be adding a velvet basket bag in an autumnal tone, like this dark green piece by Cult Gaia. Luckily for us, seasonal materials and shapes come in all colors and price ranges – this faux-pearl embellished bag by Shrimps will become our go-to come the holiday season, and this sequin minaudière at an additional 30% off is what New Year’s eve accessories dreams are made of. Lastly, we couldn’t resist adding not one, but two croc-embossed bags to our shopping carts. From second-hand gems to in-the-moment fashion sweetheart By FAR, any croc-effect will do. Expect belt bags, Carrie Bradshaw-inspired baguette bags, as well as bucket and tote bags that will add those cold weather mornings enough aplomb to take you through Friday evening.

Curious to find out what else we’ve got in store for you? Scroll through and invest in one of our under £500 picsk. Expect classic pieces with trendy variations to take you right through a grim Winter.

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