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Every year without fail, I make it a mission to scour the markets for the best headpieces to wear during cold weather months. It’s hard enough to get dressed for a blend of rain, wind and steep temperatures which is why I always aim to add an accessory to divert from the layers of sweaters, coats and scarves you can find hanging onto a frozen body. Naturally, I want to look as good as I can no matter the seasons, but in order to avoid the blizzard prevention look or as though you’re about to step on a chair lift there are only a handful of accessories I stock up on without going overboard.

Hats can wear so many different *hats* (sorry, had to), that I rarely find myself going out of the house without one. From accentuating a day look with a chic fedora felt hat, to embracing a seasonal style like a beret, or to simply keep your ears and scalp from hitting premium cold status with a warm beanie, keep scrolling to shop 10 headpieces currently on our heads minds.

Shop a curated selection of hats to keep you warm and stylish this season

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