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In case you didn’t know – us here on the other side of the pond or NYFW currently – have been victims to one of the coldest weeks of the year! That’s right, temperatures fell at an all-time low in London last week, with occasional mixes of down pours and light snow. Cozy, am I right? This slight disturbance didn’t take our eyes off the prize, aka Spring trends and we went back to our regularly scheduled programming despite freezing our buttocks off as soon as we stepped outside the office.

Spring has been on our visual mood boards for a few weeks now, and whilst we’re hoping that the first day of the new season would come sooner rather than later, it seems as though we’re still stuck in actual winter. Oh, and from what we can spot from New York Fashion Week, models, editors and bloggers aren’t feeling too balmy either. We actually applaud them all the way from London, for having to stroll or march (depending on time!) on slippery side walks, running from show to show whilst also posing as stylishly as they can for the crowds of street style photographers and paparazzis.

To combat this weather, we swore we won’t be let down and resume to staying in, waiting and wishing for warmth and sunshine to make an appearance – instead we started covering all things spring! Last week, we talked about dark denim, and earlier this year we wrote about how lilac and lavender will most definitely be claimed the color of SS18. But that’s not all pals – we’ve got a bunch of tabs open, and one too many shopping carts overflowing with the dreamiest of spring staples. For one, we’re making some room for polka dots and stripes, which we hope to mix and match with a range of Easter-inspired color palettes (including lavender and lilac). And we’re also not quite ready to say goodbye to some Fall trends, like these subtly glitter tops, this ribbed dress and skirt, as well as IMO, the most appropriate way to wear sweaters and knits during spring: cropped jumpers!

But what could add a touch of chic to a soon-to-be Spring look, you ask? This collection of mini bags by none other than Staud, or this white as paper leather totes. We’re seeing a lot of camel again, and that’s no surprise since the shade falls into one of the most versatile color palettes ever: neutrals! Oh and, if you haven’t yet slipped into a pair of shoes, we recommend this pair of cowboy boots, or these block heeled sandals if you’re feeling fancyyyy. Lastly, don’t forget to add a pair of gold or silver hoops for a touch of glam!








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