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I have a hunch that we might be re-entering an era filled with minimalism. Or so seems to be the trend. Every woman on the block we know seems to be getting rid of not worn/not used/to throw items, essentially getting down to the nitty gritty on what to keep and what to give away.

Not to mention, we’ve done and written about this in the past couple of months here at TWC ourselves; but we can’t help but notice a pattern amongst every other woman of this world. So what exactly is leading us to own less and rid ourselves of the amassed products and pieces we’ve owned over the years? Perhaps we all believe in the age old but gold saying of less is more”, but we believe there’s more to it than just a simple 3-word motto.

To start, the fact that our generation and its former are known to over-consume, over-spend and hence over-own is something we’re finally owning up to (ha! no pun intended), and are actually deciding to tackle this issue once and for all. So I ask you, where does that leave us?

Trick question – to today pal! We’re just about to enter the second Sunday of the first month of 2018 and truly stand by the fact that there’s no better time than now – to take a good thorough look at how you could possibly upgrade your wardrobe for the season/months to come! If this sounds unclear so far – let us walk you through the process. We’re talking investing in a few statement pieces that could potentially elevate the status of your current closet, in exchange to rid yourself of unconventional pieces like that purple leopard sweater and unflattering silhouettes we better leave in the past, aka 2017.

A few examples to help you out, because it’s the weekend: remember that old white button down you reach for as a safe choice? Switch it up with a crisp new version with a scalloped collar and long enough to knit itself at the waist. Bored of that oversized blazer you’ve owned in about 5 different colours? Time to step up your game with SS18’s color of the season: lavender. Bottoms-wise, we’re looking into new high-waisted tapered pants, as well as these cool-ass midi skirts. That’s all for now folks, as we don’t like to ruin the surprise YET.

Scroll through to find everything we’ve got our curious eyes and hands on – from floral velvet pieces, to spring sprinkled blazers (try saying that 3 times in a row), swooshing by silk/satin skirts, trendy hats, block heels and more to help you get started on a more capsulized collection of fashion pieces you’ll actually be able to wear for the next seasons.


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