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Although a vacation or the thought of dining out with friends on an outside terrace is very much not in the distant future, there’s no harm in picturing what you would wear. In a way, spring is the ideal season in which you don’t have to adhere too much to weather constraints since the forecast can truly vary day by day, if not by the hour. You can indulge in a winter coat whilst dreaming up a spring party underneath, meaning foregoing a chunky knit or cashmere bodysuit and replacing that with a simply silk shirt or plain tee.

The only hiccup is that the world’s current mood might not get you into the mood to necessarily browse endlessly through online retailers to find the one pieces you’ll actually want to wear during this season. Luckily for you, there’s no need to do that. Leave it to us to find you 15 wardrobe essentials to look forward to wear around the house or outside, when the time comes. All you’ll need to do is click *purchase now* on a leather mini skirt or a tropical printed top, whichever’s your priority these days.

Now to be clear, we set out to provide you with this kind of content because it’s what our readers and shoppers want – should you be *NEW* here, first of all Welcome! And secondly, feel free to send us any feedback of stuff you’d like to see more or less of (email at [email protected] or DM us @theweeklycut). But according to the calendar, we’re officially in spring and while our extracurricular activities may need to be tele-transported from the outdoors to the confines of your home, we aim to make this as enjoyable as possible. Not to mention get you ready in style for when activity resumes back to normal!

Following our team various style preferences and tastes, we handpicked 15 items to A. make things short and sweet, and B. easy to navigate without giving your brain (and wallet) too much to handle. Scroll through and let us know what you’ll be buying from the comfort of your sofa, home desk, kitchen countertop, the list goes on…

Shop 15 spring essentials to complement your wardrobe in style

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