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By now, we must have understood that there’s no Spring/Summer collection without some hint of stripes. Whether check separates from Sonia Rykiel’s SS18 show, to Breton stripes at Christian Dior – subtle side stripes were spotted on last season’s Gucci trousers to new arrivals at Zara boasting pyjama-style trousers and this blazer from high-street retailer H&M emulating a preppy look. It’s safe to say that stripes, whether horizontal or vertically positioned will be on full display for the upcoming season.

The combination of red, white and navy makes us wonder whether these designers are hinting some sort of affection or patriotism towards a certain country hence flag. There are 38 countries in the world whose flag include the red, white and blue color combination. Perhaps it just so appears that the combined colors point out to the traditional and classic colors that have always existed in fashion. All three are single handedly strong tones, none of them are ‘a shade of’, or ‘the lighter cousin of’ – they’re simple, established and widespread.

We have to admit, we share a special kind of fondness with the designers creating 3-color toned pieces. These so-called (or is it just us?) flag designers design several pieces of clothing every Spring/Season ready to be worn as soon as the first rays of sunshine blind our eyes and the beaches open. Take for instance Solid & Striped’s collection of colorblocked Ballerina swimsuits, ideal for two American holidays: Memorial Day and Fourth of July. This season, we’re spotting a ton of ribbed sweaters like this one by Zara, and this one (on sale) by Jacquemus, as well as Phillip Lim’s striped midi dress on the runway for Spring/Summer 2018.

Maybe it’s the fusion or mix of these quintessential tones that evoke a sense of old school football, beach barbecues, seaside trips, and the above mentioned national holidays (not only in the U.S. – think Bastille Day in France), or maybe it’s just fashion – but what surprised us the most are the abundance of striped sweaters. They remind us of our childhood and late teens circa early 2000s where all the hype was around striped, ribbed half-way turtlenecks.

From where we stand, there’s definitely some excitement behind including stripes again into our ‘warmer days’ looks. Last season’s rainbow palette was funky, but at times a tad too much – thus we’re glad to be partaking in next season’s color and pattern trend without having to make a strong fashion statement. Because, less is always more!


Images: Zara

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