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Sure, Summer is all fun and games when it comes to fashion and we all love showing a bit extra leg and shoulders, but do you also feel like Summer wardrobes can get very limited? Especially when we face heatwaves such as the one we had in early July, where whatever you wear will feel “too tight” or “too sticky”. Which is why we’re big suckers for Fall fashion here at TWC, because it’s the best time to layer up our favourite tops and sweaters, and play around with layers.

Let me ask you something, what first comes to your mind when you think about Fall? Is it the nicely coloured nature? The start of exciting TV shows on Netflix? Or is it like us, the opportunity to wear more sweaters and your favourite hues? Either way, I’m sure you’ll find what you need for the upcoming months below.

Knitted Cardigans

Can anyone here think of a more comfortable yet fashionable item than the knitted cardigan? We honestly can’t, and we’re absolutely obsessed with them. Luckily for us, London has been super chilly so they have already made a comeback into our lives. Not entirely sure what to pair them with? Try them with a simple pair of blue denim jeans, or even shorts for a colder late August night, but they can also be a great asset to your workwear if you choose darker or simpler tones!

Colourful Scarves

If there’s one thing we hate about the end of Summer, it’s the fear or catching a cold, and the only accessory we’ve found helpful to fight that fear are: thin printed scarves. A scarf can be both fashionable and yet add that extra colour or print to your outfit, which is exactly what you’re looking for on a gloomy day! Better yet, there are loads of different ways you can tie it up, and here are some examples.

Brown Tones

During the colder month, my eyes always seem be attracted to brown and beige tones, which is another reason why I absolutely love Fall fashion. For some reason, I feel like these type of colours fit really well with anyone’s complexion, and there’s nothing nicer than a nice IG picture in a cozy brown dress, with the beautiful Fall landscape wouldn’t you agree?

The Ankle Skirt

If there’s one thing we’re really not looking forward to (apart from the fear of catching a cold, and the fact that we’ve used up all our holiday) is losing the freedom to expose our legs as much as we want. Which is why we love the ankle length skirt, that enables us to stay away from uncomfortable tights, and yet keep cozy. Not the biggest fan? Check out the selection we have below, one of them might just convince you! This is even your chance to take out your beloved leather ankle boots from its box! We love this festival vibe.

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