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Warning: these Instagram shops are highly addictive! I honestly wish someone had alerted me before I started bookmarking endless numbers of amazing Instagram accounts and buying numerous types of rings, bracelets and necklaces – but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it,) I have ended up with a very rich collection of jewellery this month. Let’s just say my neck has never looked so good!

There are a few reasons other than my love for jewellery that spurred my addiction. To start, the beautiful photography found on these brands’ social pages, as well as the price tags for good quality (and handmade) products, and finally the amazing marketing strategy that the below-mentioned brands simply aced. As mentioned earlier this year, Instagram has become widely popular as a marketplace for men and women to shop – and jewellery brands use it as a popular platform to attract new followers as well as secure direct-to-consumer sales.

1. @manolineparis

Let me start with the brand that has the least following on Instagram by French sisters Marine and Caroline (hence the name). The sisters are passionate creators, who love to travel and try new experiences which is clearly reflected in their fun and inventive designs. The price of the products start at 15€ and vary from fun pineapple bracelets to gold and pearl earrings. My personal favourite: the Akira bracelet – that truly stands out on a sunkissed skin.

2. @louyetuparis

Step aside everyone, because this brand is simply amazing! This is by far my favourite one of the batch, most likely due to my boho nature and love for that beach vibe. LouYetu is a French brand that makes affordable, youthful and summery handmade jewellery. You can also personalise your own pieces with cute messages via their website, or just make the perfect gift thanks to their beautiful packaging. My personal favourite: the Nelly ring – found in 9 different shades, from white to emerald green, perfect for a beach getaway.

3. @missomalondon

The British brand Missoma is a refined brand that likes to play with texture and stones. The designs are also very delicate and are for the modern woman looking to add some beautiful accessories to their everyday style. The collections include a mix of semi-precious gemstones and fun designs that blend perfectly well to create interchangeable pieces. Missoma also has pendants and charms which can be collected and worn together to create a unique look. My personal favourite: the beaded coin necklace which you can wear with other necklaces, that also stands out when worn on its own.

4. @mejuri

Mejuri is a brand that specializes in making fun yet luxury jewellery for smart and chic women. The quality of the products is flawless and are a fraction of what most luxury brands would cost you. The prices start at around $20 and can go up to $385. Their motto is all about delivering affordable day-to-day luxury, and we couldn’t agree more with the result. My personal favourite: the stacker rings – the ideal way to embrace your newly manicured nails.

5. @sachijewelry

Sachi, according to their website, means happiness in Japanese, and luxury in Korean which perfectly represents this jewellery shop. The best aspect of the brand is that no collection is the same, as they collaborate with different designers and jewellers to bring versatile and fun designs for every budget. Sachi is a bit more expensive from the other 4 brands, but believe me, the quality of their pieces are worth every penny. My personal favourite: the triple starburst studs – to match with your go-to hoop earrings, or just bring some fun to your outfit.

Tell us, what Instagram shops have you been perusing and shopped from?


Featured images via Mejuri, Sachi Jewelry, LouYetu, 

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