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I’ve noticed that my friends and family members are having more *off* days than usual lately, and I thought to myself: what better way to cheer everyone up than by introducing them to some fun retail therapy, am I right? Although I know fashion isn’t everything, I do believe that there are times when treating yourself to something you love whether it’s a nice meal, a beautiful flower bouquet or a nice dress, can seriously help.

I’m the type of person that’ll see something I really like online or in the shops, and think about it for days before actually purchasing it. Of course not everything I buy is for practical reasons and therefore I wouldn’t necessarily always *need* them so to say, but I do like to save a few spontaneous purchases for when I’m feeling a bit more down.

Sassy Spud Embroidered Sweater

I’m not usually a t-shit and round neck type of girl but I’ve recently fallen in love with Sassy Spud’s vegan sweater. Not only are their products fun and original, they also have a great message and company culture. All of their products have hilarious designs which also help lighten the mood around serious topics such as the environment, and all are cruelty free!

Neon Coloured Flip Flops

I absolutely adore flip flops and this year I’ve decided to go *all out* and purchase the brightest pair I could find! Why do I like it? Mostly because my outfits tend to lack a bit of colourful tones, but also to make a bit of a statement…

Happy iPhone Cover

People that know me well will be surprised to see this in my list as I haven’t used a phone case in the last 2-3 years but since I recently had to switch up my phone from a pretty pink iPhone to a slightly more dull grey one, I thought this case would definitely brighten things up!

Floral Bathing Suit

As you’ll see in my upcoming bathing suit article (stay tuned!) I have spent the last few months planning my bikini collection for my summer wardrobe and although I don’t usually wear a high waist – this one fitted me like a glove. Sexy surfers here I come!

Shiny Lip Gloss

Finally, after reading our latest beauty piece on the shiny lip trend which I used to adore as a teen, I’ve got a new-found love for anything that can make my lips pop and shine! Ever tried Glossier’s Lip Gloss + Haloscope Duo? I highly recommend it!

I’d love to know more about what makes YOU happy! Please let us know in the comments below.

Here are some more items that might cheer you up! 

Featured images via Sassy Spud/Federica Bevi

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