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As more and more brands emerge claiming to be fully transparent from the sourcing all the way to the designing and retailing process, we had yet to find one that focused solely on cold weather’s most coveted and luxurious fabric: cashmere. The wait is over, and while it’s been fascinating to witness the growth and success of brands like Everlane, which unequivocally do a fantastic job and were one of the pioneers of letting costumers see fully through a brand, we were equally delighted to hear about Naadam’s story.

Founded by Matthew Scanlan and Diederik Rijsemus back in 2013, Naadam’s mission is to democratize cashmere by taking us on a journey of where the fabric is sourced to begin with. The founders did the job for us – they made the trip to cashmere’s place of origin, Mongolia and looked for ways to bring it to shop shelves in an affordable and sustainable way, all the while maintaining the soft and luxurious feel of it. The result is a full collection of 100% cashmere pieces, ranging from sleeveless tanks, v-neck knits, cropped cardigans (a TWC favorite), maxi cardigans, hoodies, jackets and accessories both for men and women.

Watching the hype on the Internet is one thing, and I’m not too sure about your shopping habits but I like to see the piece in full flesh at least once before hitting purchase. Luckily for us, they opened a store in the middle of Greenwich Village on Bleecker street. Just last month, on our week-long trip to NYC, we took the opportunity to pop in and try on the pieces for ourselves. Now, not only are the shops filled with every possible product in the collection (forget about ‘highly popular out of stock items’), but the shop assistants take the time to tell you about Naadam’s story while trying on a sweater or two.

In our case, there was a lot of trying on going on, because the fabric is as soft as they claim it to be, there is 0 pilling involved, and the abundance of choices makes it difficult for a shopping addict like myself to chooses from. After a lot of back and forth, I settled on my first piece: the cashmere tracksuit hoodie. I was torn between that and a cropped cardigan but figured that living in Europe with cold weather approaching at a faster pace than predicted, a full length hoodie would be the wiser choice. And given that I was about to board 2 red-eyes and one long-haul flight back to London in the following 2 days, I decided to put the sweater to test.

As promised, the material felt warm, buttery, and soft without making me burn up as soon as the A/C turns off on the plane. I also took advantage of the hoodie to snuggle up mid-flight and fall into a deep sleep. Sure enough I opted for a safe option as well as colour (dark grey if you wonder), but I was looking for something to wear when my mood isn’t at its brightest, a cozy piece to snuggle in on a lazy day at home, or in-between travels, and that is exactly what I got.

Disclaimer: I loved it so much that I kept it on upon landing and whilst heading to the gym before my jet lag creeped in!

If our personal and honest review isn’t enough, please do yourself the favor and try one on for yourself – we’ve already got our eyes on our next piece: the Kilo cashmere blanket for our next movie night!

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