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Looking to be cool for summer? And we mean that in both senses – temperature wise, and style wise! This season we’re seriously crushing on baseball caps; the timeless accessory that you’ve worn since you were a small child is still very much a closet staple over here.

Some wear a cap to shield themselves from the sun, others to hide their under eye bags from a late night, whilst many just wear them out of style preference. And we can’t blame them – it’s our definite go-to when travelling, hitting the grocery store or going for a run in the park. Not always easily recognizable and it adds a little incognito touch – ultimately perfect for when you’re *not* in the mood to greet anyone.

Though we usually make sure to pack one for a casual airport stroll or workout, this time around we found ourselves wearing them more than per usual. It also doesn’t help that besides the regular university and sports team caps, some designers and brands have seriously upped their design game. From witty anecdotes, quotes, prints and embroideries, it’s difficult to settle on just one or two when the choice is pretty damn great. So to make matters easier, we tried and tested a few over the past weeks – because if you’re not trialing hats at home, what are you even doing? – and came up with a selection of favorites, with even a few plain colored ones thrown in the middle!

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