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When it comes to fashion, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends without depending on our fellow style ambassadors and those who own the streets of NYC, Tokyo, Milan, Singapore, and Paris. Here at TWC, however, we are advocates of making fashion accessible and transparent, because we believe fashion should celebrate diversity, but more importantly, be available to anyone. Hence why you’ll find below this week’s handpicked outfits, from known bloggers Caroline Daur and Aimee Song to beautiful Chrissy Teigen, with affordable options to own those outfits no matter where in the world you are.


Look Du Jour

Happy In The Sun

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2019, the year that cut me open, gutted me + truly rebuilt me all over again. it’s been a year (a decade!) of lessons, creating a map of growing pains within me. but with these pains, i’ve become so much more attuned to who i am and how i want to show up for myself and those i love in the world. It’s through pain, that I feel like I’ve truly found myself and begun to understand not just who I want to be but how I want to be. that’s what this decade really was about for me, learning and understanding the difference between operating from a place of ego vs my true self’s needs, to be able to really ask myself what it is that what I want out of this life instead of just measuring my ‘success + happiness’ via societal / capitalistic norms, goals + expectations. grateful to have had the opportunity to channel my experiences into @mixedfeelingsbook a challenge that at one point I thought i could never overcome. I cherish every day, every moment. I can feel myself blossoming by the day as I stay on my path and continue to stand in the light. so excited and hopeful about what this new decade has in store for all of us. sending love, light + only the best of wishes all over the world to all. happy new year loves💞

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