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If you’re on Instagram and are an avid seeker for the next trend, then there’s a 110 percent chance you’ve clicked on a post of a friend, influencer or celebrity wearing the Cult Gaia ‘Ark’ bag, clutched tightly around their hand, strolling through the streets of Mexico City, lounging back in the Hamptons, having lunch in LA, or cruising on a boat on the Amalfi coast.

Last summer, it was without a doubt the number one it bag – and the reasons why are pretty obvious. It was sold almost everywhere, therefore accessible – not to mention affordable, with a price tag just over $120, the design is original and inspired by a Japanese picnic bag. On top of that, it’s light as a feather, made from sand bamboo, and turned heads everywhere you go! What else could you possibly want?

More of where that came from – that’s what we want! And it seems as though our wish was granted. Fast forward a few months, and the designer, Jasmin Larian launched a collection of ready-to-wear pieces, ranging from dresses to boleros, as well as earrings, hats, belts, and more bags.

Shot in whimsical surroundings, the brand’s Resort 18 collection features flattering silhouettes in pastel tones as well as bold colors, giving the consumer a sense of effortless yet chic style. It’s everything you could dream of to pack for your next beach holiday, summer wedding, date night in the scorching heat or laying back on an armchair on a Memorial Day weekend barbecue.

Before we give away any more, do us and yourself a favor and scroll through our top picks from the brand that believes “in the ideal of creating Objets d’Art that make you look twice”.

Images: Cult Gaia

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