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The rush of attraction can be all-consuming. You first spot that special something when the collection launches, give it an immediate thumbs up via your computer and/or iPhone screen and promptly add it to your wish list or shopping cart. Depending on how anxious or in a rush you are to get your hands on it. This my fellow readers and shoppers is what we call instant infatuation in the fashion world – hopefully you didn’t think we were referring to another context!

Said instance can result in immediate purchase, which in this case I say bravo! and enjoy; but more often not we need to take one double take or 10 to convince our wardrobes, appartment square footage, and wallet whether we truly need it. The last one being on a scale of 1-10, probably the most crucial one. And frankly I don’t blame you – we all fall in love at first sight with a multitude of things, whether it’s a person, a pair of platform sandals or a silk scarf. You can then almost immediately picture a situation and place where you’ll be wearing said piece, combine it with that skirt or this hat and it may constitute your dream outfit for the next months.

For that occasion, I present you with two solutions – actually to be fully reasonable there are three. To start, sleep on it for a few nights – if the thought has come and gone as quickly as the first gasp of attraction, then you can forget about it and move on to something more exciting. That was pretty easy right? Moving onto, let’s call it the *medium difficulty* solution which is to find its doppelgänger or in a less lucky circumstance its distant cousin. By this, we mean to look for a slightly more affordable version of said crush. Trust me, 95% of the time, that’s easily done – especially in today’s Internet and social media age. Lastly, the following occurs: you can’t stop thinking about it, your imagination goes places you never thought possible, the item still doesn’t sell out (yay?), and suddenly you find yourself checking your inbox on a Sunday evening with a mild case of the Sunday blues and find yourself face to face with an email newsletter announcing the start of summer sale, tomorrow!

Monday of all days, isn’t that a tad odd? I think to myself: fantastic, adieu my “Monday morning motivation” ritual and hello browsing through 30+ pages of items just reduced to as far as 50% off their retail price. Whether you consider that a good or earth-shattering start to the week, I call it an intriguing and exciting task to single-handedly go through each and every item on my wish list, in dire hope of seeing its price replaced by its sale and case in hand, much discounted one.

Now, if you’re still with me, you either think that the fashion world is truly mad, or you replay the situation in your head and know fully where I’m getting at. Friends, family, I hereby share with you all sale items on my Net-A-Porter wish list + shopping cart. There’s still room to dream, if you know what I mean. Before you dive right in, let me warn you that none of the below pictured items are so-called ‘seasonal trends’, and are therefore considered *absolute* must-haves. Also, because I’m sure the question is looming in the Internet air – yes I have already thoroughly sought each item’s distant cousin, and no, there is not even a semblance of a satisfactory replacement!

Don’t wait any longer and scroll through our sale picks. You’ll find everything I’ve been crushing on for the past months and nothing that is fully out of reach. Balance is key, right folks?







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