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With clearances and a new load of next season’s arrivals underway, we thought we’d give you one last whiff of summer breeze by undergoing one last shopping haul before we start perusing the shops for all things Fall/Winter. And trust me, next season’s collections are already coming in hot (insert flame emoji!).

But before we start to wrap ourselves in soft cashmere, tights and boots, we’re ready to add *just* a few last items to our summer wardrobe. And what better time than right when sale clearances start, Amazon’s Prime days are in full power and Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale is practically taking over our Instagram feeds? As we do with most shopping hauls, we reveal what we’ve been crushing on as a team, what really belongs in our wardrobes, aka the actual essentials and must haves, while strictly avoiding any seasonal trends that will soon belong in the *never wearing again* pile. However, and because we love style but dislike nonsense, we decided to focus solely on affordable high-street pieces – because while the occasional browsing through luxury pieces can seem endearing, it sure can leave a big hole in our wallet.

Therefore to avoid any dreaming and gawking without being able to shop, you’ll be happy to find only items not only on sale, but at such steep prices you won’t be able to resist.

To start, I’ll give you a little heads up regarding what type of pieces you can expect to shop in this edit. As you may know, The Weekly Cut is about all things affordable, and essentially a weekly digest of what to buy, but most importantly to help you shop and live consciously, so you don’t have to! That’s why this story will mainly focus on high-street products, with a teensy tiny exception of a few gems that deserve to be mentioned just for your eyes! All items are on sale, with further reductions most probably coming up in the next days – just make sure to be quick, the good stuff gets sold out pretty damn fast.

From wardrobe essentials like t-shirts and denim, to that one pair of sandals you need to snatch if you haven’t already snatched, and the occasional investment piece that will definitely be worth the splurge. Here’s everything you need to shop your way through this season’s last pieces – scroll down to find editor-approved picks in all categories from bags to swimwear, sunglasses and more!














Featured image via Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face (1957)

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