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We are a mere two days away from another season of New York Fashion Week and there’s one trend we’re confident to spot on fashion girls strutting to daily shows, and that’s a new shade of denim. Not entirely *new* per se, because as with all things trendy and fashion, they all make comebacks and were considered actually new, a few decades ago.

Enough about the past though – this new tint is dark, not a total black jeans situation, neither an anthracite, not too far from a blue or indigo, but somewhere sneakily tucked in between. The reason why we’re really into it, is because we believe it will save us a good portion of time when choosing what to wear. Light washed denim which is often also a tad distressed can appear too casual when moving from the office to happy hour. And whilst a pair of mom jeans in a classic blue is tempting at first (comfort is key!), this dark denim shade is being featured in some very divine and neat styles and cuts, which will instantly make you look really put together.

Speaking of styles and cuts, a majority of this so-called dark denim pieces are in fact made out of selvedge denim – which means that if you look closely at the hems, you’ll notice there are no raw edges (see name), and the seams are often finished in red or orange (you’ll have to roll them up). This way, it protects the item from seperating and unknotting. Fun fact, right?

Now onto what really matters, i.e. what we’ve got our eyes on, what’s in our shopping cart, and what we’ve already bought! First up, though we’re already crushing on this new London brand creating functional pieces, this cropped, embellished and high waisted pair has already snuck itself into our wardrobe (more affordable option here), but do check out the rest of her collection! There’s a matching midi dress we’re eyeing, and this striped bodysuit but that’s for another day! These denim trousers by H&M, and this skinny pair in a chic indigo shade will look great for an everyday office look. Tops wise, we’re loving this bedazzled creation by Topshop, the embellished collar on this cowboy shirt, and what’s a new look without a corset? Must not forget this belted jacket, and this oversized look which will both come in hand when travelling, and is also on sale,


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