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We’re all about dressing smarter here at TWC, that’s why we figured there was no better time than the New Year to take a good thorough look at our closet. While trends come and go, one thing’s for sure: we always go back to pieces we love and know how to flatter us. So how about we start 2018 with a mini resolution of looking at what to keep and what to toss from our overflowing wardrobe?

Before we play toss and keep, we wanted to round up the pieces from last season that are still trendy come January, and which we’re sure to be wearing for the weeks to come. AW17 has proven to be filled with oldies making comebacks, as well as seasonal pieces that caught the eye of fashion girls worldwide. So let’s take the opportunity that we’ve just about started tasting January, to make sure our closet is in exceptional shape for next season’s purchases, as well as winter sale pieces that are about to get extra discounted by the time February rolls around.

Scroll down and through to find out what we’re still wearing in the New Year, and are guaranteed to become wardrobe staples. Expect puffers for snow storms, to classic prints like leopard and striped houndstooth, as well as slogan tees, oversized mom jeans, kitten heels and patent ankle boots, to name a few.




Images: Popsugar

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