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In the mood for some on-trend summer dressing without the exorbitant splurge? Then you’ve come to the right place. This week we gathered the 10 most popular summer picks we’re buying, to add some more dazzle to our holiday looks.

Not only does a mid-summer shopping session take us out of routine rut we’re only looking to get out of, it gives us the perfect excuse to rummage through our overflowing closets and decide what to keep, and what to give away. You’d be surprised at how many pieces you keep holding on to after convincing yourself year after year you’ll find that one occasion to wear it at. Unfortunately, it turns out those so-called *perfect* occasions are only a myth. Perhaps it’s a growing out phase of summer staples that are no longer acceptable to wear, or maybe you’ve simply outgrown the style and the color has worn out. Whichever it is, it’s time to make room for something new, something fresh, and something summer-worthy.

For a timeless summer look, we recommend investing in a few solid neutral picks. Think a white linen blouse, the perfect beige pants, a proper sun hat that will stand the test of time (that’s right, it’s time to ditch that entire collection of last-minute hats), or a solid pair of soft leather sandals to take you from A to B. Of course, after getting acquainted with what’s on offer this summer, it’s easy to get carried away with seasonal trends. We don’t blame you, and it’s perfectly normal. Just watch out not to spend too much on those, as they’re most likely to get out of fashion come next year. Once you’ve passed the neutrals and the trends, step out of your comfort zone and try on something you’d usually stay away from. Whether it’s a multi-toned polka dot dress, or statement trousers that take summer dressing to another level, we highly encourage it.

Dare something new, or stock up on seasonal basics you’re bound to wear over and over again. Keep scrolling to shop our curated edit of *just* 12 summer picks to stay cool and comfortable throughout, no matter the location or occasion.

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