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Do you remember those candy bracelets you used to wear and simultaneously snack on when you were little? Or perhaps rainbow coloured jelly beans were more up your alley? Or perhaps Haribo gummy bears? Whichever it is, they brought pure joy. That’s because the variety of colours make children happy – it’s fun, it’s a game of which colour belongs to which flavour and ultimately, your favorite one to choose, and the ones you will always leave at the bottom of the bag for someone else to munch on!

Nowadays candy is more often than not frowned upon thanks to the food and diet industry teaching us and the generations after to cut down on sugar. Luckily for those still addicted to candy and sugar, there are some great organic and refined sugar-free alternatives that *sort of* do the job in replacing the original ones. But if you’re the kind that doesn’t believe there’s even an ounce of resemblance, we invite you to turn to candy coloured tones for the ultimate statement looks.

That’s right, if when looking at your closet the majority of pieces are in neutrals, pastels with a few prints mixed in, it’s time to switch things up. We’re turning to so-called high-voltage tonal looks that really resonate with our moods and a certain joie de vivre. Imagine wild splashes of saturated colours such as bold shades of turquoise and emerald blue, cobalt and sunflower yellow. We’re also still in the run for burnt orange which was a huge hit last season, as well as a soft jade green, and hot bougainvillea pink.

Speaking of blues, we dedicated yesterday’s entire fashion feature on all the summer blues to wear right into Fall, and we want you to do the same with the following splashes of candy hues. Next time you think about what to wear to work, an end of summer party, or just a gathering with your girlfriends, opt for a colour that you usually save for extraordinary circumstances. Be bold and don’t reach for your usual beige skirt – instead choose this asymmetric silk midi to elevate your look. Instead of packing your trusted black pouch for your next outing, go for this acid yellow bag for a little something extra.

You know what they say: you can have your candy and eat it too; but if you prefer to replace sugar with fashion, keep reading and scroll through to shop the best candy toned picks of the season.

 Featured images via Asos

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