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You know when you spot a particular home decor piece when visiting a friend’s apartment or entering a particularly stylish shop that instantly elevates and lifts a space? You get tempted to ask where said piece comes from, but more often than not opt to not ask for fear of hearing that it’s vintage or out of your spending budget. But not here, today we share with you our latest additions – some found at homes of friends and family members, while others are the ones we DM and email our pals about due to their incomparable look and price tag.

For this latest edition of home decor, we focus on accents that look expensive, but don’t retail for more than £100. Think there’s a catch? Keep reading to find out how retailers are stepping up their design game without compromising on quality. One thing’s for sure, not everything is guaranteed to be long-lasting when purchasing furniture or decoration on a budget, which is why this story will solely present simple and stylish additions to spice up a room.

No matter how big or small, there always comes a time after having lived in your home for a reasonable amount of time in which you get *bored* at the appearance of things. Surely you can move the sofa from one corner of the living to the other, or rearrange your shelves and closet space but what if I told you, you could make an even more impactful change by simply investing in a few bits and pieces? Switch up your old bookcase with this neon painted one, and swap out the only vase you’ve ever owned for one of the below pictured. Your bathroom might be your sanctuary but what if you could make it extra cozy with a brand new bathrobe? Look and feel the part at the same time! Lastly, there’s nothing quite as satisfying and cozy as a dinner at home surrounded by your closest friends, but what isn’t so cozy and appealing is when you’re still using your college days homeware. Step up your dishes game with one or two of our hand-picked bowls and plates below.

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Featured images via Anthropologie

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