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From polka dot printed maxi dresses to striped tank tops, sweater dresses in warm lavender tones and the chicest cropped trousers, it’s safe to say there’s an abundance of items frolicking around the interwebs these days. New-ins are one of our most treasured things to look for every week, and more so when that means that new ones have also been added to the SALE section.

While we enjoy the last days of summer, why not treat yourself to a post full moon escapade to some retail therapy? We sure could use some – after coming back from a sun-drenched week in the South of France where temperatures averaged the high 20s, it is not a pleasant welcome to come back to a rainy city whose weather ressembles more that of an early October rather than a mid August. But oh well, the joys of living this side of the pond!

Like any self-respected woman out there, we get excited for the small things in life; and when something fashion or living related pikes our interest, we can’t help but want to share it with the world. In this case, it is with you our loyal readers and shoppers. This time around, things are looking a tad offbeat. You see, this new batch of items is of a different kind – not that we don’t feel a familiar flood of emotions at the mere sight of browsing through a designated section called “new arrivals”, but this one displays a fresh blend of end of summer and next season’s pieces. And we’ll be damned if we don’t start getting our hands on some Fall/Winter must-haves! It’s all about raw denim, easy sets of tops and knits, romantic blouses, wardrobe staples for the workplace, and the perfect intro to September with dark florals, warm fuzzy sweaters, and a whole galore of boots that are just waiting to be slipped on!

Back to school shopping used to be all about books, pen and backpacks – enter a new realm of adding a bit of fun into it. We selected 36 pieces we’re sure you’ll love. Scroll through to shop our curated selection!

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