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The way we shop is changing. We’re now shifting towards owning statement pieces that will last for years to come and moving away from purchasing new items month after month. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make every outfit look different even though we’ve been wearing it on repeat for the past weeks. The easiest way to achieve that? Up your accessories game with editor-approved finishing touches that go with every outfit.

When choosing to wear a look during summertime, a few things differ to colder months; less layers, more breathing room and more skin on display. The result? Cutout pieces, off shoulder tops, cut-off denim, a lot of white and feminine cuts to enhance necklines and waists. But in order to guarantee your outfit looks brand new without having actually gone to a store to get one, we swear by getting your hands on these few accessories that have the ability to uplift a look in an instant.

There’s the obvious one to start with – a face mask; but not just any, we love this linen fabric one in a bandana print for a neutral touch. And of course the must-have hats to make sure you keep your face away from the sun, and also the perfect excuse for when you haven’t gotten around to washing your hair in 5 days. We’re loving this baseball cap and this cotton-straw one with a creased finish.

Moving onto more obvious candidates like gold-tone jewelry and sunglass chains – no outfit is complete without a set of gold hoops and these ones by Alighieri are an absolute staple. Now if you really want to get into the summer groove, make sure to get your hands on an anklet and sunglass chain to add a little something extra. Lastly, in the jewelry department, we’ve fallen head over heels with everything by Completedworks, and our first purchase is this ceramic hair clip to add just the right amount of glamour to our hair style.

Other contenders include the perfect silk robe to throw on over a swimsuit, a tie-dye hat for sunny days, a bright orange clutch (very much on sale!) by Khaite, the coolest Vans in a green tone with California print, beach paréos to wear from day to night, and the perfect leather tote as a carry-on!

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