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Underwear as outerwear is not a new concept at all, we’ve actually enjoyed over a year of wearing our bras and bodysuits as tops, but this year is all about trying out super flattering new tones for all skin colours, as well as shapes. Don’t worry, we’re going to see more and more exposed lingerie on the runways this year, but in the meantime here’s how to ace the supermodel look in the comfort of your home as nightwear lingerie, as well as to boost your curves under those tight skinny jeans with superb body shaping collections.

We all know that the start of the new year is also time to upgrade your lingerie drawers with brand new (and gorgeous) sets. Why you might ask? For one, you’re going to be one year older and therefore will need to look for lingerie that is more appropriate for your age. Yes, that means throwing away your favourite Disney underwear, sorry about that! No, but seriously, we promise that a brand new lingerie set can truly make your day by increasing your confidence, and bringing something new to your look.

Gold + Black

Gold and black are a pair made in heaven this season, and we’re loving it! Whether you scroll down your instagram feed, or open the newest Vogue edition, you’ll undoubtedly notice the rising popularity of black and gold tonal lingerie. We’re especially into all the lace that’s hitting our all-time favourite shops such as Calzedonia, Calvin Klein, Agent Provocateur and Love Stories. But the trend goes beyond lingerie and into workout wear. We’re curious: which is your favourite?

 The Perfect Shape

There are a few trends you need to be aware of for the upcoming 2020 seasons but this one is without a doubt our favourite. That being: the shape-wear. These high waisted and tight underwear are no longer considered an *old fashioned* option, but is the answer to boosting your curves, and enhancing your beautiful figure. Which is why many lingerie designers have introduced sexy and stylish underwear that have built-in shape wear, and it’s all about high waisted briefs to make your hips super smooth, and support your bum! Dreamy right? These come in a lot of colours, but our all time favourite is for sure the tonal and golden ones.

Sleeping in?

Newsflash: lingerie can be worn in bed as well! And 2020 is definitely a good year for golden nightwear and the amount of choice we’re facing is out of control (in a good way). What do you like to sleep in? Is it the full-on PJs or do you like to please your other half with seductive silk nightwear lingerie? Either way, we’ve collected some of the best items out there for you to feel comfortable, sensual and super trendy in your brand new 2020 sheets!

We would love to know which underwear trend you’re most looking forward to so let us know in the comments below! 

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