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The way we approach summer dressing can often be on the odd side – we invest in statement pieces and wardrobe classics, no seasonal trends come our way except through one or two accessories. Most importantly though, it’s all about comfort, ease and versatility to wear no matter where summer vacation takes you. What’s more, we’re all about affordable pieces that make it look more than it is, but of high quality. After all, there’s a 99% chance you will perspire through your outfit and no one wants to hunt down a dry cleaner after a day on the beach.

Speaking of comfort, these past few weeks have been nothing but scorching hot! From heat waves to small interludes of cloudy skies, we often prefer to stock up on sleeved and maxi pieces to protect us come rain or shine. You’d be surprised as to how much more comfortable and non-sticky you can feel when you’re not wearing a pair of tight shorts and a spaghetti strap crop top. Picture oversized pieces like a kaftan, this linen robe, or this maxi skirt and imagine the light breeze flowing through. If that doesn’t sound like a highly pleasant holiday mood, then I’m not sure what does!

But before you start bookmarking Fall looks, and the *must have* ankle boots to wear come September, take a look at the one type of skirts that never goes out of style. Maxi skirts are a kind of bottom piece we relish to wear year round, that’s no secret. But when silk slips and velvet is out of the question, light cotton florals and striped maxi skirts are all we talk about. Wear yours with a crop top to show off your golden tan, or opt for a sleeved blouse or oversized button down for a chic retro look. Top off your look with chunky gold jewellery and tropical earrings like these, and you’re ready to go.

PS: maxi skirts are also come in handy if you’re prone to get biten by unwanted insects, as they cover a good portion of your limbs! Think about that aspect before opting for a pair of shorts or mini skirt.

Now don’t walk, but run through our shop section to get your hands on the most sought after maxi skirts this season has to offer. From crochet with thigh slits, to multi colored stripes and flowy pleats, here’s what to buy.

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