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Nope, this isn’t a dream – The Weekly Cut are finally expanding into menswear. Because, when it comes to making yourself look fabulous, why should girls get to have all the fun? We’re thrilled to announce that as of now, there will be regular menswear segments on the site, from runways breakdowns to shopping guides. And today, we’re bringing you the top 7 menswear fashion essentials from a “cool dad” sandal to the perfect pair of shorts. So without further ado: boys, this is what you should be wearing this summer, alright?

A Striped T Shirt

There’s something innately summery about a striped tee, reminiscent of hanging around on yachts in the south of France. But even if you’re just hanging around in parks in the south of England, this item is an easy way to add a summery vibe, while still being comfortable and effortlessly cool. We recommend this one from Whistles.

A Printed Shirt

A light hearted way to add some fun to your summer wardrobe is something with a classic shape but a loud print. A short sleeved shirt is breathable and cool in both senses of the word, and can be paired with simple wardrobe staples to liven up your summer look in a retro way. Our favourite is this Hawaiian inspired number from Topman.

Some Lightweight Trousers

Wearing jeans in summer can start to feel a bit stifling, so a simply substitute is key. A plain pair of linen trousers offers the same casual vibe but tons more breathability. They’re super versatile, too, meaning you can dress them up and down for a pleasing cost-per-wear. Some of the very best surprisingly come from home furnishing shop Muji, who also offer a capsule (and good quality) clothing collection.

Some Fun Shades

We’re of the opinion that sunglasses are an opportunity to have a little fun – and protecting your eyes from the rays is key to any summer look. A cute take on a classic shape comes from ASOS, whose hexagonal frames aren’t too in-your-face but still add a bit of interest to a simpler outfit.

Some Sturdy Sandals

Keeping your feet cool need not mean some flimsy flip flops. These Malibu sandals will stay on your feet and keep you comfortable, and look equally cool with long trousers or shorts. Sure, they have a hint of “dad” about them, but think of them as summer’s extension of the huge dad trainer trend we’ve been seeing.

Some Smart(ish) Shorts

While wearing shorts can seem a bit daunting, sometimes in summer it’s simply a necessity. To get over your shorts aversion, there is no better brand than AMI. Their Straight Leg Chino Shorts are as trouser-esque as shorts can be, making them appropriate for even the most formal event. They’re effortlessly stylish, incredibly well cut, and will last for seasons to come.

A Denim Jacket

If you live in the UK, chances are summer won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. A lightweight cover-up is always a winner, and to keep afoot of the Noughties trend, denim is our top choice. And when buying denim, there truly is nowhere better to go than Levis. Their Trucker Jacket comes in tons of shades, and perfectly walks the line between trendy and classic.

What’s on your summer shopping list?

Featured image via Sony Pictures Classics

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