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Call us old-fashioned, but there’s something about dressing up in bulky winter coats that doesn’t have any appeal to us. Don’t get us wrong, we are fully aware that cold weather almost forces you to layer up and put on a warm coat, but does it always have to make you look like a Michelin man, or as if you’re ready to go explore the Arctic? As much as we enjoy cozying up in warm fabrics like merino-wool and cashmere; when it comes to outerwear during winter, we take a very different approach.

Though we prioritize comfort at all times, recent trends like shawl-collar nylon puffer coats are a far cry from what we like to be seen donning this season. Instead of falling for current sartorial choices that can be found in every retailer on the high street, we prefer to opt for smart layering techniques that guarantee to stave us off of contagious flus and temporary freezing of extremities.

It only came to our attention a few years ago, but as soon as Uniqlo released their light down jackets and they landed on our desks, we knew we had found a solution to making sure we always look sophisticated no matter the weather forecast. That being said, a long-sleeve down jacket was quickly dismissed as it provided an extra layer that looked appeared slightly too puffy underneath our coat. So sleeveless it is! We marched to our nearest Uniqlo and got our hands on a £29.99 black jacket with a tight fit and zip, ideal to wear underneath any coat or jacket.

Nowadays, other brands like Mackage have perfected non-bulky looking outerwear have quickly become our go-to for the winter season. These little babies are easy to slip into any handbag, don’t take much space and are made from nano down, providing you with maximum warmth and durability thanks to its innovative and hypoallergenic treatment. What’s more, these vests are so thin and almost non-visible, making them a no-brainer for cold weather by simply tucking them underneath your coat and giving you extra support when temperatures drop.

After all, who wants to arrive at after work drinks or for date night wearing an oversized puffer coat over a carefully chosen outfit? It may just be a coat, and you may have to take it off right as you enter your restaurant/bar of choice, but it remains a fashion statement in our opinion, and we want to make sure to look as polished as that model on the Prada FW92 runway above!

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Featured images via Prada FW 1992

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