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The idea of packing for a trip, whether business or pleasure often involves thinking about the looks we picture ourself putting together as we wake up every day. Besides the specific occasion dressing and decorative accessories that can take an outfit from 0 to 100, there are a few pieces we always pack for those unforeseen *just in case* circumstances. Whether it’s a long flight with blasting air conditioning or an unexpected weather condition – and for those specifically, packing a few black items is a must.

Though I try to mix up my style with a conscious effort in order to avoid wearing the same pieces on repeat; for others, *not* dressing in all black or with at least one piece of garment in said colour is practically unfathomable. I made it my mission to ask the handful of people in my social circle of whom I know always include something black, why they think that is? Is it something they got used to and just automatically do? Why black in particular? Is it a favorite colour?

For the most part, I could conclude that a head to toe black look is both aesthetically pleasurable and highly functional. Besides the obvious factor that accidental spillage which could create an unflattering stain is one less thing to worry about, I also gathered that when you can apply the same styling principles to the stuff that’s already in your closet – that’s one less task to waste time on. A neutral colour in theory, black goes with absolutely everything, is an acceptable colour to wear in any professional environment, and doesn’t age. It’s never trendy or simultaneously out of fashion, because it’s always *there*.

Consider it the home cooked comfort food in the fashion world – for when you’re too lazy to pick out an outfit, or quickly need to slip into something to run to the grocery store, for when you’ve got a mild hangover and the thought of getting onto the subway is the last thing on your mind, reach for a head to toe black outfit. Make it a pair of stretch leggings that look just like pants, add a chic turtleneck and a classic pair of black loafers, flats or boots. You might look somber at first, but sometimes a little comfort and easy dressing without having to think about what goes with what is all you truly need.

As more and more people are likely to broach a conversation about the inevitable things that comprise a well-structured wardrobe with less items, a few black pieces will always make the cut. Whether our guilty pleasure is stocking up on sweaters, going out tops, or strappy heels from a popular fast-fashion retailer, it’s important to be conscious about just how much you’re owning. Could you do with less? Would you be able to stay true to your personal style with just a few key items? The most likely answer is yes.

Today, this week and for the months to come, we encourage you to be more vigilant about the pieces you want to splurge on; think about whether you could do without them, or perhaps look for a similar piece that might be hiding in your already existing wardrobe. Until then, we rang up a trusty selection of black picks – from the affordable cashmere sweater by Naadam, to the tailored half trouser/half legging by Rag & Bone we’ve been wearing for the past 5 years, here’s what to buy!

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