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Packing is a tricky thing – you either overpack or forget half of your essentials. For our upcoming holiday, we decided to focus on two wardrobe pieces that will make the process all the easier. Read on to find out which two pieces we swear by and make sure to invest accordingly for an easy breezy summer vacation.

As we all know too well, when it comes to summer, less is more. There’s no need to pack supplies of layers for cold weather, or the intermittent Fall and Spring seasons, during which unexpected storms can make you go buy a whole new wardrobe upon arrival. But not in the hot months, which is what brings us to here and today. The thought of summer packing has become as easy as Sunday morning – a couple coverups, a pair of denim shorts or two, a few dresses, and a selection of swimsuits and bikinis. What’s missing you ask? The footwear and accessories department – more specifically the right pair of sandals and the most practical bag.

Though this shouldn’t come as such a surprise since an investment-rate pair of shoes and/or bag can elevate any look and make it look *expensive*. For this reason, I decided to pack light and efficiently – the above mentioned pieces of clothing and simply one pair of sandals and bag. And since I won’t be needing a beach bag for towels, a change of swimwear and the likes, I will settle on just one piece I’ll take from the plane to a night out on the town. In the shoe department, I’ve been crushing on short heeled sandals for the past 4 years, and haven’t looked back – a pair of flip flops wasn’t doing it for me anymore and is definitely not appropriate for any situation, and lugging around several styles and inch heights was becoming more of a strain (especially weight-wise!), and less of a dreamy walk-in closet selection type of thing.

Curious to find out which pair of shoes and bag we’re packing for our upcoming trip to the Mediterranean? After a thorough search for both stylish, classic and affordable pieces, this net tote bag by MANGO was the winner – the off white colour is a no-brainer for any summer lewks, and the short wooden handles with an additional cross-body strap to balance two glasses of rosé simultaneously, fits all I’ll need for an 8-day beach holiday. You’ll be surprised at how much space this bucket size offers!

For the region south of my ankles, I’m still fixated on the short block heel type of sandals which offer the stability and extra height I always feel I’m in need of, due to highly complexed 5’5″ actual height. Since I discovered the emerging designers behind the much coveted BY FAR sandals, instantly recognizable in pretty much every magazine edit, I knew I had found a second winner! The neutral tones available in the style make them that much more of a perfect fit for anything from white jeans during the day to a maxi dress at night. Though they’re a tad on the pricier end, I guarantee you they’re worth the splurge – I’ve been wearing mine for the past 3 weeks and can confirm that their sturdy shape, and delicate straps are all you’ll need to finish off your next summer outfit!

For more options, scroll through as we hand-pick our favorite pieces for the ultimate summer wardrobe!



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