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The front-runner of aesthetically pleasing and timeless swimwear is finally branching out into (un)known territories by bestowing us with a whole new clothing category we couldn’t be more familiar with: activewear. The bestower in question is none other than the Paris-based swimwear and lingerie favorite, Eres.

After succeeding in delivering us flawless pieces to wear both at home and at the beach, the brand’s decision to enter the activewear market comes at no better timing. As more and more people turn to physical activity to enhance their lifestyles, Eres’ new collection which aims to be comfortable, made from the brand’s iconic materials, and features sophisticated details and a refined style is all we’re looking to envelop us in, for our next workout class.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current gym outfits, then look no further. The brand’s first collection includes cashmere bodysuits with mesh details, soft sports bras, seamless grey unitards perfect for your next ballet-barre class, and high-waisted leggings bound to sculpt your figure into the next Misty Copeland. Not only are the pieces made from high-quality fabrics, but each of them is emphasized with lace panels and chic imprimés, making them stand out from your regular sportswear. In fact, the pieces are destined to be worn for “soft sports activities or in your day-to-day life” as put so elegantly by the brand.

Sure, as with all good things deemed too good to be true, this comes with a slight hitch. The price tag on this glorious collection is pretty hefty, and so are Eres’ other collections. However, as we pride ourselves on only covering affordable style and beauty, there’s always room for exceptions like in this case. As with their swimwear and lingerie pieces, their prices are worth it – they’re without a doubt investment-grade and last a lifetime. We’ve got our eyes on their unitard and bodysuits which will only compliment what we’ve already got hanging in our closet. If there’s one thing worth buying, it’s the leggings or anything lace and mesh detailed. Just think how the soft fabrics will feel on your skin, during your workout and at any other instance, like when you’re lounging around your house or on a long-haul flight!

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