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If there’s something we can resist here at TWC, it’s smart and conscious buys. To clink into warm weather and a new season, we turn to fashion aficionados and women of style worldwide to find out what they consider must-haves for the months to come. After all, overspending and buying a summer wardrobe in bulk is a thing of the past.

After thorough research and great inspiration along the way, courtesy of the Instagram “saved” option, it’s safe to say we tapped into some of the best style we’ve seen in years. One common favorite comes in the likes of bold and bright tones. That’s right, if you’re already the owner of canary yellow, emerald green and better yet, never threw out neon spaghetti strap tops from the 80’s, consider yourself sorted in the color department.

While plenty of trends have been revived this season, we tapped into a new wave of creative pieces by all the new kids on the block. A mix of stones and gold/silver is overflowing in the accessories tab, plain old flip flops got an upgrade with a short but nevertheless visible heel, and there’s more and more (faux) leather and suede to choose from, despite weather conditions. Who knew pale yellow suede could look so good with a linen crop top? Speaking of linen, we’re so glad it’s popping up everywhere from high end to high street retailers. There’s just something old school, timeless, classic and most importantly practical about wearing anything linen during summertime. 

Other newcomers include structured, oversized sartorial jackets and blazers that hit us with a pang straight to the heart. 99% of them come with a belt, which makes it even harder to resist the purchase. The utility trend is definitely taking over outerwear in particular, and we’re not mad about it. Since we often leave the house without a bag or pouch, and therefore rely on big pockets to stash our belongings, this trend is welcomed with open arms. 

Curious to find out more? We selected our seasonal must-haves which include the usual suspects for ultimate summer dressing, as well as essentials to work with year-round.

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