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Dressing up for a date night, whether your current boyfriend or a first Tinder date can seem like a daunting task. Us women like to enjoy getting dressed up, accessorizing and looking our best, more often than not, in an effortless way. And with fashion trends leaning more towards casual off-duty looks, it’s time to let go off LBDs, uncomfortable waist-tightening pants and skirts and let room for comfortable pieces.

The good news is that with fashion ever-evolving and offering new trends to wear out, one of them seems to fulfil our dream of staying in watching Netflix while snacking on pop corn or Chinese food, while actually stepping out of the house. Pijamas have made a return onto the fashion scene in a luxe silky manner. Forget cotton, modal and strappy rompers, we’re talking tailored looking full sets that will make you look as if you just rolled out of bed in the chicest manner imaginable.

Outfit wise, the possibilities are endless – be fearless and courageous by braving a full paiama suit with matching top and bottoms, or opt for the half PJ look. A pijama shirt tucked into a midi denim skirt or a cropped sweater worn over a pair of pijama bottoms are our go-to looks. Accessories-wise, keep it on the down-low especially if your print is busy, otherwise we’re loving gold hoops with this mostly rolled out of bed look. Lastly, if you’re the kind of gal that embraces wearing heels at all times, we like to add kitten heels or nude pumps. Boots are also an option, especially if worn with a midi style skirt.


Look no further and scroll through to shop our top picks to nail the bedroom look outdoors. 


Images: Adam Katz Sinding via The Zoe Report

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