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Cowboy boots are often synonymous with a western lifestyle, living on a ranch and riding horses. If you also happen to live in Texas, then a pair of said boots is a definite closet staple. Leather jackets on the other hand, while an essential motor bike clothing piece, has also become over the years a wardrobe favorite for women worldwide.

So what if I don’t live on a ranch in Texas and don’t ride a Harley-Davidson? Ever since the tender age of 13, aka the first year as a true teenager, the thought of owning a pair of cowboy boots was starting to flourish in my style-focused mind. Just one question remained open – where on earth would I get my hands on a pair of boots  considering I was in boarding school, living in a tiny village on a mountain 200km from the nearest big city? In those days, and we’re talking early 2000s, the only online retailer everyone was using was Amazon and back then, we were mostly buying books and DVDs. That didn’t stop my quest to mastering the cowboy boot and quite often combined with a denim mini skirt by Abercrombie & Fitch. Luckily for me, on my next trip home I made my way to high-street favorite Zara and found my *first* pair of cowboy boots. Cut just below the knee, in a soft maroon leather with about a 1 inch heel. To say I found my match is an understatement – I wore that pair for as long as my feet could fit in and I truly never felt like a cooler teenager.

I believe there’s something about any type of western-style boots, whether the real cowboy kind, or the now redesigned versions by many designers, low and high end that add a little pep to your walk. It’s more likely you’ll find the more *fashion* version of it in as a bootie style these days, with embroidered designs, with a lacquered finish or even in bold and flashy colours like the silver metallic version by Ganni that made headlines last season, or the reinvented versions by Calvin Klein in a sleek white with yellow streaks.

Usually when I write about fashion, I like to mix it up between current and seasonal trends, as well as taking a look back at some classic and timeless looks that stand the test of time. Which brings me to my next point – and that is if the thought of combining leather jackets with cowboy boots hadn’t occurred to you yet, then you’re missing something drastic.

After perusing the Internet archives and stumbling upon one too many shop-worthy western leather made pieces, I knew there was an audience and market for it! Leather jackets have by far conquered the space of outerwear for in between season dressing. It’s that one piece you look at in relief when finally stumbling upon it after browsing through your jacket & coats section in your closet and coming to the conclusion that you truly have nothing to wear. Luckily for us, it’s also the one jacket you can find at every retailer, and pretty much any brand year long. Leather to start is a material that lasts, especially if well designed and manufactured – and the practicality of the piece knows no bounds; from an effortless *just threw this on* mood to a blazer style cut for a more elevated look when let’s say you’ve got a last minute business meeting.

Having established that both western-style boots, whether the original cowboy kind or the 2018 version of it (if you’re still into pastels, Calvin Klein is doing both baby blue and lilac), and leather jackets are perennial for a well-rounded wardrobe, let’s take a look at some of our favorite looks!

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