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If you’ve ever owned a product so dear to your heart, so impossible to replicate, and so fitting with the rest of your wardrobe and lifestyle, then the above title of this story should read like a breath of relief. However if on the opposite hand, you’re not one to swear by that *one* single product, then you’re in for a treat. For most of us, there’s one item we buy on repeat – whether it’s a facial toner that leaves your skin glowing like never before, a white t-shirt that never turns a shade of yellow under the armpits, or the perfect pair of jeans that you always get asked about. In today’s feature, I want to convince you to buy these mules.

You see, falling at just about 5 feet 5, which by no means is very short; I like to wear heels everywhere and everyday. The only place you won’t see me wearing them is at the gym. And if wonder whether I ever wear my sneakers outside of said gym, the answer is an obvious no. Putting on a pair of heels, no matter the height I don’t discriminate, makes me feel good and very much like myself. Whether I just need to run out to the dry cleaner or stock up on my weekly groceries, you bet that I’ll be strutting around in some form of heels.

Painful, irritating, can’t walk in? Nothing I’ve ever felt – that is because I swear by only a handful of brands to shop heels from. Perhaps it’s the shape of your foot or your personal style, but there are a lot of designers out there whose shoes I’ve never ever purchased simply due to the fact that they just weren’t *me*. And after being used to wearing them for the past 12 years, I know a thing or two about what goes and what doesn’t. From college internships to my first job in finance, followed by a few stints in PR and the startup scene, I’ve tried them all and I have yet to come across one that is both affordable (under £300), blends easily into your daily looks and can be worn from your house, to the airport, throughout an 11-hour flight and straight to your hotel room.

Yep, I recently did that on my last long-haul flight to Miami, and there were ass pain-free as can be. Wonder what shoe I could possible ramble on about so passionately?

Meet the Sign suede mule by Aeyde. We first discovered the brand last winter after purchasing a pair of black suede ankle booties with, you guessed it, the perfect heel. After wearing them on repeat with everything from sweater dresses to leather pants, I knew I was in for a treat when their next collection came out.

Founded in 2015 byLuisa Krogmann and Constantin Langholz-Baikousis, the brand promises distinctive designs for a modern wardrobe. Designed in Berlin and made in Italy, the shoes are as comfortable as they are showstopping. Sure, they’re no hot pink satin heel, but their ease and hidden elegance are enough to get your attention. I tell everyone that asks (and even those that don’t!) about these because they’re the dream everyday shoe to elevate your look. During the summer I often wanted to swap out my day sandals for something more closed off and more elegant, and that particular style always came in handy. The shoe now comes in both beige and black suede, as well as a blended mix of python which will look extra chic this Fall paired with brown trousers and a seasonal knit.

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