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While we love nothing more than trying on £250+ jeans, it just simply isn’t sustainable and possible for us to spend this much on a single item, let alone denim. A material known for its elasticity, comfort and versatility. As tempting as it is to splurge on these £250+ pairs of denim, there simply must be an alternative – and there sure is. As it turns out, denim isn’t worth the splurge and trusty brands have proven this by gifting us with the unseen.

There’s a lot of good denim we came across over the years – that’s undeniably obvious since it’s one of the oldest and most worn textiles, but there’s an increase of emerging brands coming onto the market with clever names like Warp + Weft (coincidentally also the name of the two components used in weaving to turn thread or yarn into fabric, aka the denim making process), or the size-inclusive Kardashian-backed Good American and direct-to-consumer brand Mott & Bow. On a more established basis, we’ve recently been turning more and more towards high-street brands Zara and Topshop for perfect-fitting, great quality pieces that present a mix of trendy styles and traditional cuts, which could go by for 10 times their price. There’s also a lot of talk about vintage denim and how if you spend a long enough period in a second hand store, you can find the best vintage jeans without the hefty price tag. And occasionally, the temptation to splurge on a pair of Agolde or Re/Done is so high, you just gotta do it – or at least do it on sale!

The magical combination, or say, alchemy between what’s considered a reasonable amount to spend (think cost per use too!) for what it’s really worth, or for what you’re getting, hence a pair of jeans is so undeniably perplexing, so we will let you decide what you deem splurge-worthy or not.

A seasonal change calls for a closet clear-out, and the same goes for the classic denim pieces peacefully lying in our closets. It’s time to reboot our denim collection, and there’s no time like the present. These pieces will feel like a triple spray of Febreeze on your years old jeans – an airy twist as we like to call it, and just right for spring 2019.

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