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Plenty of jeans trends come and go each season, to only make a comeback a few years later. During the 70s and 80s, wide-leg and flared styles were trending, and continued into the early 2000s when they made an appearance with an extremely low-rise cut. Fast-forward a few years, and the skinny jean is still one of the go-to pairs for many women out there due to their flattering shape and feminine look.

In the past year or two, we’ve seen mom style and boyfriend jeans high up on the trending scale as they have the ability to give off this effortless and laidback look that comes with the mid-rise and oversized look. But now that spring has sprung, and an array of jeans have hit the shelves of online retailers, what will women worldwide wear this season, and will they even succumb to purchasing yet another pair of jeans?

While they’re considered some of the oldest and most versatile garments in fashion industry, not everyone is on board the jeans boat, for a multitude of reasons. The challenge with wearing the latest and newest styles is how to match them as effortlessly as seen on street style snaps. I for one, am guilty of following trends that stand the test of time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does leave me buying jeans on more than occasional occurrences simply because they hugged my waist perfectly or just looked really really neat. As you can imagine, I also have a pretty hard time separating myself from them once I realize they’re overflowing my closet!

Just last week as I was moving apartment, a dear friend of mine whom I had guilt-tripped into helping me unpack and organizing my closet looked at me in disbelief as she stacked all blue jeans on top of each other, and asked me why on earth I needed 5 pairs of mom high-waisted mom jeans in a light blue wash that all looked identical to each other. As dumbfounded as I was at my excessive purchasing, I wish I had an explanation for that but alas, I don’t. While they all might look the same they certainly don’t feel the same, and I kept buying another pair because they fitted me so well. The first one was by ASOS, which felt like a safe purchase at just under £40. I wasn’t yet ready to shell out £200+ for a pair of Re/Done not knowing if the style fitted my figure. As soon as the package arrived, I ripped it open, tried them on and glanced at myself in the mirror giving myself a mental high-five at my conscious and affordable shopping method (Full disclosure: two of the other 4 pairs are indeed by Re/Done and the other two by Levi’s because I’m a sucker for the latest thing!)

Do I wear all 5 look-alikes? The answer is very very rarely. Unfortunately the cool aspect of them and the way street style stars and celebrities wear and style them looked way easier and more attractive than doing so myself. Hence, they’re still neatly folded in my closet whilst the other styles I wear on repeat are the complete opposite: high-waisted, ultra-skinny and cropped. Best of all? They’re not even jeans more than 70% of the time; but actually these great capri figure-hugging trousers I bought in bulk when they were on sale last year. Not only did I buy them in bulk, but in almost all colours of the rainbow: green, army green, blush pink, white, beige, navy, light blue and black. Curious to see how good they look? Shop them here – I guarantee you’ll be wearing them as much as I do, which is during the day with a sweater or t-shirt or dressed up at night with an evening top like a silk cami or a one-shoulder blouse.

One thing’s for sure, not all cuffs, hems and styles are made the same, and not all jeans were made to have the same intent. Some are for the casual day look to be worn with a white button down, and others are reserved for a more night time outfit with a darker wash and details like embellishments.

Before we show you what styles we’ve been eyeing for spring, we want to know how you like your jeans? Slim, skinny, straight? Low, mid or high rise? Light blue or dark blue wash? White or black? Meet us in the comments to discuss!

Images: Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

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