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One last ode to florals, if we may call it so. As summer comes to an unfortunate end, we couldn’t help but share one last bit of florals we’ll be bringing into Fall. Since the seasonal change rarely comes abruptly, we’ll find easy ways to incorporate florals into our Fall wardrobe without being at the beach anymore. If you’re curious to find out how to transition into a more city friendly environment without letting go of one of summer’s favorite prints, keep reading to see how we plan to style it in the coming weeks.

By midsummer, there’s a good chance you’ve had your fair share of white looks, denim cutoffs, kaftans and kimonos, and all the summer dresses you could possibly fit into two months’ time. Florals are an obvious indicator of the beginning of warm weather and the blooming of flowers and greenery, but does it end when summer ends? In our humble opinion, the answer is a simple no. Although it must be noted that the color scheme and style will change as we approach September. For one, we’re leaning more towards a darker palette with only a few highlights peaking through the floral pattern. Also adding to the style will be long sleeves, longer hems and the addition of a chunky knit when needed. Moving down the hems, we’re switching up strappy sandals for white sneakers and cowboy boots. This last bit will give it an instant Fall and cold weather appeal, and there’s nothing like slowly transitioning into a new season without making drastic changes.

If you wonder what we’re thinking of in terms of accessories – it’s time to ditch the oversized straw hat and replace it with a chic felt version. Pukka shells and anklets are fun when combined with fresh seafood, but when the leaves start to fall, we’ll stick to chunky gold pieces and statement cuffs. Top it all off with your choice of leather jacket, duster coat or your go-to blazer and you’re ready to go. Remember that by simply alternating a few aspects, you can easily carry a good chunk of your wardrobe throughout all four seasons. With the right tweaks, you keep a modern take on classic florals while remaining in a feminine aesthetic.

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