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Not entirely sure what you’re supposed to be wearing at a winter wedding? Don’t be alarmed, I didn’t either but I quickly figured out ways to embrace this unconventional wedding month, and still turn heads on the dance floor. Hell, aren’t weddings the most common place to meet a certain special someone? Meaning that a few drops in temperatures shouldn’t have a drastic effect on how good you’ll look at your friend’s special day.

Have you also received an invite to yet another friend’s or relative’s wedding? Are you also wondering when your partner will pop the question, or when you will finally meet Prince Charming? Unfortunately, we can’t help you much there, but what we can do is help you look fabulous whilst keeping warm and cosy for a special occasion.

Before we get started with our top looks however, make sure you look at our latest collaboration with Nova Octo! You might just find the ideal gown in there for your next special occasion, whilst also not having the stress of owning such a gown for the rest of your life.

Another way to be shop sustainably however, especially regarding the outfits you purchase for special occasions, is to either lend it out to your friends for their weddings or parties, or even think of new ways you can style them up differently each time, so that you don’t feel like you look the same at every event.

Not entirely sure what we mean here? Keep scrolling down and look through our style inspirations to not only dress you up for one wedding, but to the next 3 or 4! Remember, you should always ask yourself how often you will wear something before buying it and most importantly make sure you don’t keep something too long in your closet! Why not take the opportunity to donate the special dress for someone else to enjoy it?

Black Lover

Let’s start simple here, as we all know how good black looks in the winter season. We wouldn’t usually push for a this type of look at a May or July wedding (although there’s no denying how much you could stand out with a nice black boho dress) but we would certainly recommend it if you’re heading to one this fall or winter. The best part of the little black dress is that you can pick one from your closet you already own, and style it up with fun accessories that you can find below. We promise, if you style it correctly, no one will notice you wore the same dress at your work cocktail party last year! Remember: it’s all about the accessorising, from the shade of your lips and eyelids, to the extra belt around your hips to add some curves…

Bling Goddess

There’s literally nothing more festive than a shimmering metallic dress or pant suit, and this is an effortless look we absolutely adore, especially if the invitation reads “cocktail party” or if the wedding is very close to Christmas of New Year celebrations. Make sure you don’t over-accessorise for this one, but do make sure everything fits to perfection. You wouldn’t want your gold jumpsuit to clash with a rose gold bracelet for example. This look is a definite goer if you’re looking to impress your friend’s cute single cousin (if you know what I mean).

Lady in Pants

This is what I’m going to wear to my December wedding: trousers with a cute top and a matching jacket! One of the reasons I have chosen this look is to prioritise comfort (hello beautiful boots) but also to try something a bit different. I wouldn’t typically wear trousers and boots at a summer wedding, so this is the ideal opportunity to try it out! What’s the secret here? Finding the perfect fit that snuggles your behind but also makes your legs go for days… The best part about the outfits below is that you can invest in separates which you can both wear together, or apart on other occasions. This is without a doubt the way to go to make your wardrobe go the extra sustainable mile.

Winter Boho

And finally, if you are lucky enough to head to a romantic countryside wedding, we highly recommend going for a boho chic look. Sure, it might be cold outside but florals aren’t strictly for summertime! Opt for a blooming motif in dark colours or with red tones, and pair your outfit with some sexy and romantic add-ons such as a nice hair accessory, or a statement pair of earrings! This might just be the outfit to pick if you’re hoping to influence your plus one to pop the question, or at least think about it!

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