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We all know and remember how popular florals were last Summer, but is it edgy enough for this 2019 warmer season? We’re not sure, and here’s why.

Patterns and prints are always a fun way to introduce colour to your wardrobe, not to mention the ideal tool to stand out in a crowd, but there is so much more to last year’s florals this year to spice up your wardrobes! We’re talking popping colours, denim comebacks and much more!

The Printed Denim

Our most favourite pattern of the Summer is this year’s printed denim trend. There are so many ways to rock this trend, whether its with a classic white t-shirt or a cute romantic lace top! You honestly can’t go wrong by jazzing up your denim collection this Summer with the selection below:

The Animal Print

You know us, we adore a good animal print, but how can you make n a somewhat Winter related pattern work during the Summer? It’s actually much easier than you would think, and many would agree that animal print is a trend you’ll see everywhere this August. Snake print is especially big this summer so make sure to stock up in our favourite shops such as Zara and Mango. Whether it’s animal print tops, dresses, or pants, you’re sure to look wild and on-trend in whatever you choose.

Tie-Dye Baby!

Tie-dye has always been one of our favourite trends here at TWC, but this summer’s tie-dye is bigger than ever! According to Free People’s representative, this Summer is all about the hippie vibe. Why not break out your old t-shirts and do some at home? Or better yet, treat yourself the coolest ones out there? From swimsuits to tops, you can wear this trend in pretty much any way you can think of.

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