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By now it must be clear and articulated that if there’s something we truly believe in here at TWC is that style and prices don’t come hand in hand. We pride ourselves in finding the best deals available online, as well as jotting down  the most recent discounts offered by our favorite retailers (which you can unlock in every Sunday newsletter) –  so you can only imagine our joy when we discovered that Mango, which we often thought of as ZARA’s step sister or second degree cousin turned out to showcase some of our absolute must-haves when it comes to dressing for this spring/summer.

To be honest with you, it’s difficult to play favorites in the fashion world, between the abundance of affordable, trendy, up and coming brands, as well as modern classics such as Zara, H&M and the likes, who have been around for over a decade and are truly easy to shop thanks to their multiple locations around the globe.

Trendsetters flaunt and wear both Mango and ZARA with an almost equivalent fan following which didn’t seem to be the case up until a few months ago. Mango founded in 1984, which makes it just a tad younger than ZARA (founded in 1975) has recently designed one of the most coveted collections to date. As of 2012, Mango stood behind ZARA who topped every retailer with 5’900 stores worldwide, and Mango with just about 2’400, and it seems as if the tables are turning when it comes to style and appearance.

Beyond being one of the world’s most popular high-street store, ZARA switches up their collections much faster than Mango (20 collections per year), follows and keeps up with trends on a faster pace. In some cases, the women we questioned said that Mango at times, was priced higher than ZARA, which made it less attractive in terms of affordability. Not to mention that the collections at the latter often seem to be targeted towards a much younger audience whereas Mango is aimed at more professional women that want to look elegant without splurging on luxury designers.

I used to think that Mango’s target audience was pretty limited when it comes to its age range – whereas in ZARA’s case, whether I asked a women in her early twenties where her top was from or a more career-driven looking woman in her forties where she got her coat, the answer is often ZARA.

Which brings me to this season’s collection of Mango for which I already stepped twice into an actual store, ordered one piece from their e-store, and ordered one sold out top from a department store who still had that piece in stock. Do I sound enamored yet? The joy I felt when leaving the store or clicking “complete order” for 4 pieces of clothing that barely amounted to the full price of those cropped trousers I had initially eyed on NAP, is simply indescribable. In short, it feels like you did your homework by completing all the steps in terms of research and heading out to the store on a busy high-street, instead of *cheating* by ordering it on a see now, shop now basis and getting it delivered to your front door on the same day.

Whilst it used to be the case that whenever we spotted a trendy piece at ZARA which left us lingering for more, we’re starting to see visible shifts. There is no more one-size-fits-all formula, but to the contrary, we’re seeing more diversity. Both brands may sell trendsetting pieces, but the truth is that no store ever had quite a fair shot in competing with ZARA due its convenient locations around thee globe and their extremely speedy design to dispatch system. All any women could hear and see was ZARA, but I’ll let you in on a little secret, its Spanish counterpart is doing just as well, if not better, and this season we want it all. Style and price-wise, they’re very similar. But when it comes to quality and looks, I can’t help but think that Mango does a better job at making it look and feel more expensive that it actually is.

After this, I not only suggest but actually encourage you to scroll right on the selection below and let us know in the comments section who your favorite Spanish retailer is.


Feature image via Mango

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