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Just imagine that you’re currently waking up in a sun-drenched hotel room, overlooking an ocean worth 50 shades of blue, and as you step out of your bed and into the balcony, you can’t help but notice the striking color of your bathroom walls and living room sofa. That color my friend is what is dubbed living coral, aka 2019’s Pantone color of the year. Sure, you’re used to beautiful furniture and good lighting, but this shade is an almost instant mood booster – not as bright as canary yellow, not too plain as the many shades of grey and beige, and not as mainstream as a blue or red (no offense to you guys).

Instead, it’s a warm tone, snuggly positioned between a tangerine orange and blush pink. And before you try to insinuate it’s just plain old salmon pink – I beg to differ! Living coral isn’t plain or pale, it’s a living and joyful color straight from the marine’s invertebrates and emits as per Pantone’s description: desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. Not too shabby, am I right? In our opinion, it’s a definite upper to last year’s chosen winner and the perfect excuse to A. plan a holiday in living coral habitats and B. invest in a few pieces, dutifully described as coral.

Whoever’s currently sitting at their desk, looking back nostalgically at their winter getaway and pondering what 2019 holds, is the ideal candidate for this weekend’s feature. As with all trending, overly hyped and clickbait colors, there are ways to get around them if dressing in full coral isn’t your cup of tea. To start, there are variations of the color – think lighter shades or more subdued tones. Then, there are accessories such as beach pouches and vacation-inspired jewelry to keep up with the winner; as well as subtle hints in the shape of beauty products like a lip balm and blush to get you in the mood.

While we’re not exactly thrilled to be back in the office and rainy/cloudy/cold weather, there’s nothing quite like the right inspiration to keep us going until the sun and temperatures above minus make a comeback. If you feel like you’re in the same boat, scroll down to shop our current selection of living coral picks and share with us any upcoming vacation plans you’ve got up your sleeve!

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