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In another round of What To Wear, we’re discussing the (often) dreaded must stop towards the addition of new seasonal pieces: spring cleaning. Not to be mistaken with the regular tossing one item for any new purchases, in which case we truly applaud you, because getting rid of any closet item that’s close to your style can feel like a heart-wrenching decision.

Dramatic connotation aside, this Tuesday we’re not trying to lure you into buying the latest pair of shoes that every fashion girl and editor has been spotted wearing over Easter weekend – instead we’re giving you a hand at what might need to be donated from your wardrobe. What better way or more fitting time than a seasonal change in which we switch up our winter clothes for spring/summer pieces? Unsure where to start? How about your underwear drawer, I can guarantee you’ll find mismatched lingerie sets and socks that urgently need to be upgraded. Next, the infamous white t-shirt – it’s no secret that any white top will build up over time light yellow toned stains right in your armpit area. As we’ve mentioned it before, white is one of our favorite colours to wear come spring time so we suggest getting a head start by getting rid of those stained white tees and investing in some fresh and clean ones like these by Hanes.

What might seem like a daunting task can turn out to be a refreshing way to upgrade your closet and make it look more polished. You’ll be surprised at how many things you still pictured yourself wearing, which unfortunately did not stand the test of time. Not the faintest clue what we’re referring to? How about those platform heels you’ve been dragging along through every move since college? Sure, they were your go-to pair and hold many fond memories, but what do they look like now? Chances are, the heel has been replaced a dozen times and the vertiginous 6-inch heel are a thing of the past.

In the same category of old items that make you feel nostalgic we’re looking at you, jeans! Why is it that we keep accumulating pair after pair and have an abnormal separation anxiety when the time comes to get rid of the ones you no longer wear? I’m pretty sure those low-rise washed out blue jeans will never see the light of day again, and there’s a good chance your waist size has changed too, so sayonara to those!

In an attempt to encourage you to do some spring cleaning, we’ve rounded up some new basics to replace any light yellow/destroyed heels/mismatched socks/dirty sweaters you must no longer be adding to your daily looks. Scroll through to shop and share with us what you’ve been cleaning out during this (snow-filled) April!


Images: The Devil Wears Prada

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