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It’s no secret that some of the best fashion deals are to be found online. Long gone are the endless forays into department stores looking for exclusive in-store sales. The world wide web is where the party’s at now. And as we’ve mentioned it before, there are a few online retailers that sell some pretty out of this world collections by designers the typical fashion girl isn’t able to afford. Fast-forward to sale season, and things start to look dramatically different.

If you’ve been following and working in the industry long enough, you’ll have marked your calendars for yearly sale seasons where the crème de la crème of your favorite pieces can be found at discounted prices amounting up to 70% off (or more in some lucky cases). So since Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations are over, and the endless search of the perfect gift for every member of your family, including best friend, S.O. and co-worker is over, it’s now officially time to shop for yourself!

And what better time than the first week of the New Year, when everyone is still feeling sluggish from the holidays, and barely unable to get out of the house due to unforeseen, and may we say unbearable weather conditions. But before we hear you complain about not having anything to wear, we invite you to our special January sales column (Welcome!), where you’ll be able to find everything, from classic long-lasting plaid blazers, to trendy sock booties, passing by the ultimate office shoes: kitten heels and simple loafers, to velvet bombers and effortless yet chic dresses you’ll wear on repeat.

After a long and deep journey full of bewilderment, because yes, SALE sections that are 102+ pages long are a daunting task to embark on (and do take a while to sort through), we’ve managed to compile the best pieces for each section of your treasured closet.

So without any further ado, we hereby cordially encourage you to scroll through our top picks marked down from ludicrous to more friendlier price tags. WARNING: we recommend approaching with caution – this selection isn’t for the faint-hearted







PS: If we missed something, which can very well be the case considering sale seasons have got us all going a little cuckoo, don’t be shy to let us know in the comments section below!

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